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Vespula's intro screen.
Icon Index Name Setting Par time Time bonus (per second) Notes
Vespula.png 2-5 Vespula Hydroponics Controller 2:30 (150s) 2200 Boss of Zone 2.

"You fiend! I will permit you no further!"

Vespula is the boss of Zone 2. She makes use of her Wasp swarm to try to overwhelm the player, as well as a number of bullet and tendril patterns.


The Section Lord of gardens and labs, Vespula maintains science and medical equipment but her passion is for the orchards, which filter air, provide fresh produce and are crew recreation areas.

Commanding the largest Wasp network on the ship, Vespula is awkward around humans and remotely observes their interactions in order to improve.

-In-game Codex entry for Vespula


Vespula is a difficult boss consisting of 6 alternating "ball phases" (where she is invincible and you fight a swarm of Wasps), and "solo phases" where you fight Vespula herself. In the final phase there are some wasps present but they are not the primary threat.

If you stand too close, she will respond with a melee attack which is very fast and has extremely wide range. The damage from this attack is not dealt instantly, but instead hits multiple times in a short time span. This attack can be Weapon Swapped through by predicting it ahead of time, or with extremely good reflexes.

Wasp phases (1, 3 and 5) can be Surged if the last wasps are killed quickly together for a 1.5x score bonus.

All phases, including wasp phases, have an additional 1.5x quick kill bonus which starts decreasing after 5 seconds and hits 0% after 10 seconds. Getting the full bonus is practically impossible on wasp phases, and you will likely get no bonus at all if not using novel strats (see Recommended androids).

The par time is 2:30.

Phase Health Base Score value
1 5x150 12500 (+1/Wasp)
2 700 12500
3 5x180 12500 (+1/Wasp)
4 700 18750
5 5x180 12500 (+1/Wasp)
6 900 18750 (+0/Wasp)

Ideal total score:

Phase Ideal total score Notes
1 12500*10*1.5*1.5 + 1*10*1.5*150 + 1000*10 = 293500 10x multiplier, surging every Wasp, surging the phase itself, maximum quick kill bonus, Battery.
2 12500*10*1.5 + 1000*10 = 197500 10x multiplier, maximum quick kill bonus, Battery.
3 12500*10*1.5*1.5 + 1*10*1.5*180 + 1000*10 = 293950 10x multiplier, surging every Wasp, surging the phase itself, maximum quick kill bonus (impossible), Battery.
4 18750*10*1.5 + 1000*10 = 291250 10x multiplier, maximum quick kill bonus, Battery.
5 12500*10*1.5*1.5 + 1*10*1.5*180 + 1000*10 = 293950 10x multiplier, surging every Wasp, surging the phase itself, maximum quick kill bonus (impossible), Battery.
6 18750*10*1.5 = 281250 10x multiplier, maximum quick kill bonus.
Total 1651400
With time bonus 1651400 + 160,000 = 1811400 An incredible clear time would be about 0:50.

The above score requires getting full quick kill bonus on all phases, which is not possible using known strats.

The highest known possible is only about 1.6 million using Lemon ball strat (see Recommended androids)


Phase 1: passive Wasp swarm[edit]

Phase 1.

"Establishing connection. Summoning the Swarm..."

Vespula surrounds herself with a swarm of Wasps and slowly follows the player. The phase ends when enough Wasps have been defeated (150 in single player).

This swarm is fairly passive and doesn't move around much, just swirls clockwise around Vespula and gently expands and contracts. It is easy to avoid, but standing in it will quickly get you killed.

Most androids will want to hover at the outskirts and kill the wasps as fast as possible. Area-of-effect attacks should be used when the swarm is fully contracted.

One Powerup spawns during this phase. For most androids it's a good idea to use it when it's a Firepower.

Phase 2: Solo, red flowers + triple splitting balls[edit]

Phase 2.

"It seems that I must take care of matters personally."

Vespula unfolds, the Wasps are dismissed, and she begins moving around the edge of the map, alternating between two attacks:

  1. Vespula fires five slow but large red flower projectiles, which travel in a straight line. They deal extremely high damage, although a brush with one can be survived with Accelerate). They can be repelled with Plasma Shield. Their hitbox is slightly smaller than their appearance. This attack is aimed at the player. Simply circling her or zigzagging should be sufficient to dodge these.
  2. Vespula fires a quick burst of 3 large blue ball projectiles, which comes out deceptively quickly. They deal extremely high damage (a brush with one can be survived with Accelerate). A short time after being fired, each one will break into 5 bursts of 5 accelerating bullets. The balls are unaffected by Plasma Shield, but the bullets they split into are repelled like any other bullet. Vespula will attempt to fire this attack towards the centre of the arena regardless of the player's position, but she might not be able to turn towards the centre in time if she is facing the wall.

Avoid her attacks and DPS her down. Don't find yourself in the centre of the arena after the red flowers have finished, be near the walls.

During this phase, no weapon energy drops from Vespula at all, meaning that it is common for your weapon to start powering down if you aren't quick or don't leave some weapon energy lying around from the previous phase.

Phase 3: expanding and contracting Wasp swarm[edit]

Phase 3.

"My paint has been scratched."

One of the most difficult phases. This time the Wasp swarm turns counter-clockwise and will aggressively expand and contract, often trapping you inside the ring when it expands.

You will need to be continually running away while killing the wasps. Try not to get trapped in the first place, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. Weapon Swap or DPS your way out. Firepower is incredibly useful here.

Squishing the wasps against the wall of the arena will cause them to bunch up against it. This can be helpful or hindersome depending on your weapons.

In single player, this phase requires you to destroy 180 wasps.

One Powerup spawns during this phase. For most androids it's a good idea to use it when it's a Firepower.

Phase 4: Solo, triple tendrils + bullet fan[edit]

Phase 4.

"You are becoming a nuisance."

This time Vespula will move around the edge of the map and alternate between two different attacks:

  1. A triple "tendril" attack that radiates outward and curves towards you, very similarly to a Blaster Titan attack. One tendril is shot in the direction she is facing, and the other two are shot out to her sides. Brushing with it is not an instant knockdown, but being in contact with it while it's active damages you very quickly. Vespula will try to aim this at you, but prefers the centre of the arena - if you are near the walls of the arena there is only so far she can turn.
  2. A "fan" of bullets made of 13 lines of 3 bullets that expand out in a hull shape. Past a certain distance it is fairly trivial to fit yourself between one of the gaps, and is easy to Weapon Swap through at any distance. This always fires towards the centre of the arena, so you can simply stand between her and the wall to avoid it.

There is a safe zone of sorts between her and the wall in which you can stand to avoid her attacks.

Phase 5: aggressive Wasp swarm[edit]

Phase 5.

"Swarm! Protect me!"

The Wasps once again turn clockwise, and instead of expanding they will "lunge" in groups at the player.

The lunge can be seen before it begins, since Wasps that are part of the lunge begin to accelerate rapidly within the swarm.

Since the lunges form in a "clockwise" kind of shape, circling the swarm clockwise is much safer than circling counter-clockwise. Also, the lunge is programmed not to hit walls, so if you simply hug a wall near her, it cannot hit you.

Another way of dealing with the lunges is by literally DPSing it down before it can even hit you (eg. Cactus, Peanut or Lemon with Firepower)

Avoid the lunges and kill the wasps, should be a straightforward phase.

As with phase 3, in single player, this phase requires you to destroy 180 wasps.

Two Powerups spawn during this phase. For most androids it's a good idea to use one Firepower, and then one Shutdown for the following phase.

Phase 6: Wasps, quad tendrils + double red flowers[edit]

Phase 6.

"You fiend! I will permit you no further!"

Vespula will take the centre of the map and alternate between two attacks while turning clockwise continuously:

  1. Four tendrils rather than Phase 4's three. They are equally spaced around her, 45 degrees to her right and left, and the same behind. Pay close attention to her facing direction to anticipate the tendrils. Reacting to the tendrils with a weapon swap can give you more time to figure out their position and position yourself accordingly. Unlike Phase 4, no player tracking is used, she will gently turn around while producing the tendrils independently of your position.
  2. Producing two streams of red flowers simultaneously, one to each of her sides. Unlike Phase 2, no player tracking is used, the flowers are always produced in a spiral. This makes them a lot easier to dodge than the Phase 2 version.

To make matters worse, there is a loose ring of Wasps moving around the outside, which will damage you and sap your DPS.

The safest place to be is actually close range, since you won't have to worry about the Wasps. Anticipate and avoid her attacks based on her facing direction, and DPS her down quickly.

Recommended androids[edit]

Cactus is a solid, no-nonsense pick, as her Flamethrower cuts through Wasps like butter and can DPS down Vespula herself very effectively.

Peanut is excellent due to being able to drill rapidly through the wasp swarm, but this requires some skill to pull off.

Coral is one of the most difficult to use due to her short-ranged and slow-firing shotgun, but has excellent score potential due to her high damage output, capable of ending the non-wasp phases extremely quickly with a Shutdown.

Lemon has a strategy called "ball strat" where she stands inside of Vespula during ball phases, and nukes huge amounts of wasps at once using rockets. Since the wasps collide with Vespula, it's possible to be safe from damage with good positioning. This ultimately gives Lemon the most potential out of the androids. Shiitake can also perform this trick using Propeller Mines, but her primary is less well-suited overall.

Multiplayer strategy[edit]

Unlike Embryo, focus-shifting is much less of an issue with Vespula - she doesn't turn very quickly and a lot of her attacks are easily anticipated from her facing direction, so all players can get up close and personal.

The main problem is her melee attack - since it is omnidirectional, fast and has enormous range, triggering it can potentially knock down the entire team. Let your team know before you Weapon Swap through her to grab a Shutdown.


Icon Name Requirement Tips/strategy
Garden Pruning.jpg Garden Pruning Defeat Hydroponics Controller Vespula Self-explanatory. Cactus is not a bad choice for the job.

Gameplay footage[edit]


Vespula in 0:59.82 with Cactus

Vespula in 1:14.51 with Holly

Vespula in 0:51.25 with Lemon (1.575M pts) (current #1 score at time of writing)

Vespula in 0:58:05 with Coral (1.518M pts)

Vespula in 0:58.49 with Starch

Vespula in 1:04.98 with Aubergine

Vespula in 0:55.02 with Shiitake

Vespula in 0:58.94 with Peanut

Vespula in 1:23.49 with Liquorice


Vespula with Cactus and Lemon, by Kaduseon and SeaJay (#1 score at time of writing)

Pre- and post-fight dialogue[edit]


Vespula: Welcome stranger, you have reached my sanctuary. Forgive me for not inviting you to stay, I fear your vulgar presence would sour my gentle garden.

Cactus: Lady, there isn't a violin small enough to express how much I don't care about your plants. You turned your workers against the crew!

Vespula: If only your heart was as green as your head you might understand. A pity, you're not even fit to stain my shears. Be consumed.


Cactus: I don't have much of a green thumb but I think I did a pretty good job pruning!

Vespula: In the end ... I couldn't even ... protect this environment. My betrayal ... absolute ...

Cactus: You were clearly going through some difficult times, but just so you know, flinging giant novelty flowers at law enforcement is never the answer.


Vespula: Ah! Holly! Welcome to my garden! It's the strangest thing, here you are before me, armed, almost like you're planning to defy me!

Holly: So you're the one that has been leading the robots on this deck against the crew! I've got to stop you!

Vespula: How precious! To see you muster such courage in the face of your imminent destruction. Come along then, brave bookkeeper!


Holly: Oh ... wow ... I'm still alive somehow! I'm so sorry, I wish it hadn't come to this!

Vespula: You have grown ... magnificently ... please ... continue looking out for ... Lemon ... for me.

Holly: ... this wasn't like you, Vespula. If the Section Lords always operate as a team, then who's behind all this?


Vespula: Lemon! Always such a delight to see you in the garden, even in such difficult times! Based on your little rampage, are you here for my head?

Lemon: Vespula! When I heard the Section Lords had turned on the ship I hoped and prayed you weren't one of them... I ... I don't want to fight you!

Vespula: Now Lemon, I taught you to be stronger than this. We ARE going to fight, so you must come at me with everything you have or I will tear you down.


Lemon: It's over. I'm sorry, in the end this was the only thing I could do for you.

Vespula: No, I'm sorry ... I wanted to be more for you ... but I could not go against the combined will ... of the Section Lords ... be careful ... they're strong ...

Lemon: No! It's not your fault! You were the best! And don't worry about me, I'll beat them all, I'll set things right! You'll see! You'll see...


Vespula: Welcome to my garden, Coral, to what do I owe the pleasure? I can't help notice you're still operational! Shall I fix that for you?

Coral: Y'know, I've never been that fond of gardens, now that the crew's gone, I think it's time to pave over this place.

Vespula: Insolent cur! When I'm through with you I'll be using your hydraulics for sprinkler heads!


Coral: That was tough! I don't know why you all turned on the ship, but at least you won't be hurting anyone else now.

Vespula: You think ... I wanted this? Section Lords work as one ... you will face ... far greater threats ... than I.

Coral: Ahh that's what I was afraid of. Just who is behind this uprising?


Vespula: Oh dear. Look what has found its way into my garden. I thought they hunted you down and locked you away after the, uh, incident.

Starch: Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack had insufficient heat tolerance on key axial joints!

Vespula: I am acutely aware of how you dispatched my subordinates, Starch. Tearing you limb from limb shall serve as both a duty and a privilege.


Vespula: No ... stay away from me ... you monster!

Starch: Sticks and stones might break my bones but names will never Hrmmmmmm, hey do robots have bones?

Starch: Oh! I've got a new idea for a game to play! Stay put Gretel, I'm going to find a thermal lance!


Vespula: How strange to see you in my garden, Aubergine. I do believe I had you contained and don't recall granting you permission to leave.

Aubergine: Helo busted me out, now we're here to put an end to your madness! As acting head of security I have to protect this ship, even from itself!

Vespula: You rely an awful lot on that little pet of yours, shall I summon mine so they can play?


Aubergine: You underestimated us, Vespula! Helo and I are completely in sync!

Vespula: How nice to be the puppet master .. and not the puppet ... take care, we Section Lords act as one, Justice will not ... be as you remember him ...

Aubergine: There's no way that Justice would go along with this kind of plot! Come on Helo, we've got to get to the bottom of this!


Vespula: Shiitake! What leads you away from Frozen Goods? Don't tell me you were seeking greener pastures? Sadly, I will be returning you to the cooler.

Shiitake: Hello Mistress Vespula! I am here to hunt you! I am hopeful it will be a beautiful fight!

Vespula: Insolent flea! I will tear you limb from limb for thinking you can take me lightly!


Shiitake: Thank you Mistress Vespula! I am honoured to be with you during your final moments!

Vespula: but ... what will become ... of my garden?

Shiitake: No questions now. You fought well, please embrace peace.


Vespula: Welcome to my garden, Peanut, I would appreciate you not further sullying my sanctuary with those oil splattered hooves you call feet.

Peanut: I had a report of a bug infestation on this level, I'll be on my way as soon as I clear it out.

Vespula: Just try it, greasemonkey! This nest is more than a match for you.


Peanut: It doesn't give me any pleasure to do this, Vespula, but you needed to be stopped. I can't let this spread any further.

Vespula: We Section Lords ... were corrupted from the inside out ... You cannot salvage this ... situation ... our betrayer ... is too powerful.

Peanut: I salvage technology for a living! I'll bring the Nexus Core back online even if it means carving my way through the remaining Section Lords!


Vespula: Welcome to my gardens, Lady Liquorice. I was not informed of your visit, what may I assist you with?

Liquorice: Of course you weren't informed. I'm here to wrap everything up before any outsiders arrive.

Vespula: ... you couldn't mean!? You fiend! I shall not accept such a betrayal!


Liquorice: What a troublesome machine. Know your place.

Vespula: ... without me ... can my plants ... still flower?

Liquorice: Oh who cares. Stop pretending you have feelings, it's insulting.

Voice lines[edit]

Melee attack[edit]

"Don't touch me!"

"Keep away!"


Player knockdown[edit]

"Awwwwww.... Disappointing."


"A pity..."

"And stay down!"

Final phase defeated[edit]

"But... my garden..."