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Venom's intro screen.
Icon Index Name Setting Par time Time bonus (per second) Notes
4-5Venom.png 4-5 Venom Superstructure Engineer 3:15 (195s) 2600 Boss of Zone 4.

"Dance for me!"

Venom is the boss of Zone 4. He mainly revolves around heavy bullet patterns and multiple targets to destroy.


The external and largest Section Lord, Venom assists with docking procedures and performs hull maintenance during transit.

Being left outside on his own for long periods resulted in Venom gradually coming to hate the crew, and this only intensified after Peanut transferred and started reporting issues with his work.

-In-game Codex entry for Venom


The fight consists of 8 phases. Sometimes you will have to take down multiple targets (ie. turrets or legs) in order to end the phase.

Unlike most other bosses, Venom doesn't have a quick kill bonus on any of his phases, and multiple targets can not be Surged together. Therefore there are only 2 factors determining score (besides holding chain and not dying):

  • Collecting the Battery (and collecting it late within phases 2, 4 and 5 for the maximum multiplier)
  • Clearing quickly for time bonus
Phase Health Base Score value
1 600 24000
2 150x4 6500x4
3 900 30000
4 600x2 24000x2
5 150x8 6500x8
6 1200 30000
7 ~1000 (?) 30000
8 ~750 (?) 22500

Ideal total score:

Phase Ideal total score Notes
1 24000x1 = 24000 1x multiplier.
2 6500x1 + 6500x2 + 6500x3 + 6500x4 + 1000x3 = 68000 2x, 3x, 4x multiplier. Collecting the Battery after destroying 3 turrets for the maximum multiplier.
3 30000x5 + 1000x4 = 154,000 5x multiplier, Battery
4 24000x6 + 24000x7 + 1000x6 = 318,000 6x, 7x multiplier. Collecting the Battery after destroying 1 panel for the maximum multiplier.
5 6500x8 + 6500x9 + 6500x10x6 + 1000x10 = 510,500 8x, 9x, 10x multiplier. Collecting the Battery after destroying at least 3 turrets for the maximum multiplier.
6 30000x10 + 1000*10 = 310,000 10x multiplier, Battery
7 30000x10 + 1000*10 = 310,000 10x multiplier, Battery
8 22500x10 + 1000*10 = 235,000 10x multiplier, Battery
Total 1,929,500
With time bonus 1,929,500 + 193600 = 2123100 An incredible clear time would be about 1:14.


Phase 1: Single Fan Turret[edit]

Phase 1.

"Dance for me!"

Phase Health Base Score value
1 600 24000

The first phase starts with a pretty intense bullet pattern from the right of the screen. Venom deploys one of his leg turrets which rotates around anticlockwise alternating between one constantly stream of bullets, and a burst bullet attack.

Get as close as you can so you can make best use of your weapons, and scoop up the Volts he drops. Volts drop from the middle of the turret, so stand in the middle or right side to easily collect them.

Phase 2: Four Turrets[edit]

Phase 2.

"We're just getting started"

Phase Health Base Score value
2 150x4 6500x4

Venom unfolds one arm to reveal 4 turrets lined up. Each turret spits out very densely packed "Scythes" of bullets that are virtually always an instant knockdown if the player touches them. As more turrets are destroyed, the remaining turrets fire more rapidly, but smaller bursts each time.

In singleplayer, a Powerup spawns for the first and third turrets destroyed. In 2-player, the 1st, 2nd and 4th turret drops a Powerup. For more players, every turret drops a Powerup.

Phase 3: First Drill[edit]

Phase 3.

"You can't run from me"

Phase Health Base Score value
3 900 30000

The first drill phase, firing densely packed slow-moving bullets in 3 spiral patterns, before switching to firing a pattern of purple bullets, and then repeating.

This phase will always drop a Powerup at the end.

Phase 4: Double Fan Turrets[edit]

Phase 4.

"Enough of this!"

Phase Health Base Score value
4 600x2 24000x2

Like phase 1, only with an additional turret on the other side of the arena which fires purple bullets. Initially, both turrets fire a fairly tame and easy to avoid bullet pattern and only rotate slowly, but once one turret is destroyed the remaining one will attack and move much more rapidly.

Phase 5: Eight Turrets[edit]

Phase 5.

"How is this possible?"

Phase Health Base Score value
5 150x8 6500x8

Like phase 2, but with 8 turrets. Mercifully, the turrets individually use a much easier pattern of bullets (firing single streams in straight lines 3 directions at once). However the overall effect is a huge mess of bullets coming from every direction, A Shutdown will allow you to ignore this briefly to focus on destroying the turrets.

Like phase 2, the remaining turrets will fire more rapidly as more turrets are destroyed, but with shorter bursts each time.

In single player, a Powerup drops from the first and every second turret after that. In 2-player, every turret drops a Powerup except for the 3rd and 6th. For more players, every turret drops a Powerup.

Phase 6: Second Drill[edit]

Phase 6.

"I won't be defeated!"

Phase Health Base Score value
6 1200 30000

Venom's most spectacular attack, he punches through the stage with his second drill like in phase 3 but fires a much more fast moving and thick spiral of bullets while the drill itself moves. Trying to get near the drill during this time is extremely risky, but staying too far away will render you unable to keep up with the rotation of the pattern, try to keep at medium distance.

After this pattern, Venom will do a reversed direction and thinner pattern before stopping moving to send out rapid pulses of purple bullets. He will then repeat the pattern from the start.

The thinner second pattern is the perfect time to make your approach. Get in to drop your secondary, then back away for the purple bullet pattern.

Like the first drill, this phase drops a Powerup at the end.

Phase 7: Butt Phase[edit]

Phase 6.

"Keep her away from me!

Phase Health Base Score value
7 ~1000 (?) 30000

Having run out of legs to attack you with, Venom calls in spider mines to crawl in from the edges of the arena while he tries to slow down your movement by launching spider webs into the arena. The spider mines behave similarly to kegs, but move slightly faster, have a wide turning circle and, instead of attacking, they explode much like a rocket from a Rocket Fido.

Getting very near to Venom during this phase will trigger his melee attack, where he slams onto the ground. While it is very telegraphed, it covers a huge area and is very difficult to avoid. Try to sidestep it or Weapon Swap to dodge it. If he stomps on his own spiders, their red damage will damage Venom slightly.

Killing spiders to buffer your chain might be necessary.

Phase 8: BLAERUGH[edit]

Phase 6.

"If I go, I'm taking you with me!

Phase Health Base Score value
8 ~750 (?) 22500

Venom, having lost all other abilities, crawls into the arena himself, alongside yet more spider mines and tries to attack you directly with his blue magma attack. All of his leg stumps will also leak blue magma constantly, making getting behind him instantly fatal.

The key to keeping Venom away from you is to keep him turning. His turn speed is very slow, but once he is looking at you he can move impressively fast and will easily run you over, he may also use his puke attack where he launches more blue magma from his mouth at you.

Recommended androids[edit]

As with every boss, Cactus is a solid choice. Her long-range primary fares well in the large arena and the high-DPS flamethrower can end phases quickly.

Liquorice is surprisingly good, partly owing to how she can easily take care of the turret sections using Vorpal Blade.

Multiplayer strategy[edit]

Unlike most bosses, Venom's behavior barely changes based on how many players there are, other than his total HP.

Playing Coral is a very dangerous proposition as her plasma shield will warp the bullet patterns, making them extremely hard for others to avoid.


Icon Name Requirement Tips/strategy
Poor Atmosphere.jpg Poor Atmosphere Defeat Superstructure Engineer Venom Self-explanatory. Cactus is not a bad choice for the job.

Gameplay footage[edit]

Venom in 1:24.93 with Cactus

Venom in 1:32.37 with Holly

Venom in 1:31.31 with Lemon

Venom in 1:18.86 with Coral

Venom in 1:24.80 with Starch

Venom in 1:49.99 with Aubergine

Venom in 1:15.80 with Shiitake (2.118M pts) (#1 score at time of writing)

Venom in 1:22.65 with Peanut

Venom in 1:18.09 with Liquorice by Manta

Pre- and post-fight dialogue[edit]


Venom: This is the best day of my life! Every time I shake the ship, more candy tumbles out and gets caught in my web! Why are you painted like a cop?

Cactus: I am a cop! And you're the last of the Section Lords which means you must be the one that led the others against the ship! Unless you're under orders too...

Venom: Hah! I'm nothing like those human loving housepets you've already faced. Under orders? Yeah I'm under orders to cut loose! I finally get to do what I want!


Cactus: Guess there was nothing redeemable about you after all. And what did you say about orders? I thought it seemed suspicious that Section Lords could do this...

Venom: Wait ... save me! I'll talk! I'll ... tell you everything! There ... was this android ... in black armour ... and the Core ... she-

<Liquorice dashes in and finishes Venom off>

.....: You just couldn't keep your mouth shut could you? Useless! All four of you were useless!

Cactus: Hey! You with the knife, fly your butt back here and explain yourself!

.....: Patience, IPP mutt. It will be your turn to taste my blade soon enough!

Cactus: And she's gone! ... That speed, that isn't a standard Assault frame.


Venom: My best day keeps getting better! Holly, Holly, Holly! How I've always hoped you'd slip and fall out an airlock so i could hurl you at a passing asteroid.

Holly: Venom. You always struck me as kind of twisted but to think you could overrule the other three Lords... I still don't believe you pulled this off without help!

Venom: Very sharp! No wonder you were always Embryo's pride and joy. And nothing makes me happier than breaking the other kids toys!


Holly: That was unpleasant in just about every possible sense. And that crack about Embryo was in very poor taste.

Venom: Wait ... save me! I'll talk! I'll ... tell you everything! There ... was this android ... in black armour ... and the Core ... she-

<Liquorice dashes in and finishes Venom off>

.....: You just couldn't keep your mouth shut could you? Useless! All four of you were useless!

Holly: WOAH! Hey I didn't like the guy but that was uncalled for! Who are you!? I-I-Identify yourself!

.....: I'm just doing a little loosed sheath bookkeeping. You want to know who I am? I'm who will cut you down if you continue this futile crusade.

Holly: ... and she's gone. Great, as if I didn't have enough to deal with.


Venom: Ahh Lemon! The annoying little object of Vespula's affection. Oh excuse me, former object of affection!

Lemon: Don't try to wind me up, Venom. I know you forced the other section Lords, but how? Even as the external Section Lord you shouldn't have that much power...

Venom: I finally found someone who appreciated my work! For the first time I've been given instructions I actually like and I intend to execute them fully!


Lemon: You're the last of the Section Lords, Venom, there's nobody to stop me from reaching the Nexus Core and restoring Medulla now!

Venom: You're ... naive ... you don't know the real ... threat. save me ... I'll tell you everything! That android, she came ... and she-

<Liquorice dashes in and finishes Venom off>

.....: You just couldn't keep your mouth shut could you? Useless! All four of you were useless!

Lemon: What!? No!!! Who are you? How could you do that!?

.....: Well it sure wasn't with the power of friendship. And keep sticking your nose where it doesn't belong and I'll cut it off.

Lemon: ...just who was that android? And what is her connection with the core?


Venom: Now this is a treat, the android fighter girl has come out to play. Too bad you're a bit outside your weight division, you're in my domain now.

Coral: My domain is wherever I choose to stand, Venom. But things don't make sense, you couldn't dominate the other three Section Lords without help!

Venom: Clever! But none of it will matter once i fling your lifeless frame into space!


Coral: That all you got? Now come on Venom, I want some real answers!

Venom: Okay ... I'll tell you ... everything I know ... just ... save me ... ! There's an ... android, it's her, she ... came here and she-

<Liquorice dashes in and finishes Venom off>

.....: You just couldn't keep your mouth shut could you? Useless! All four of you were useless!

Coral: Woah! What did you do that for!? Hey get yourself back here, one way or another I want my answers!

.....: Show a little patience. We'll meet again soon enough, I'm sure.

Coral: ... what is going on? And at this rate, just what are we going to be facing when we reach the Core?


Venom: Starch!? You got yourself free? I'm a fan of your work! You know, I'm pretty much doing the same thing now, we could team up!

Starch: Easy there itsy bitsy, the pied piper doesn't jam with amateurs. Oh! Let's play "loves me, loves me not"! You're the flower!

Venom: That was a generous offer, you broken little android! I'll make you regret throwing it back in my face!


Starch: Loves me, love me not ... Hmm, I lost count. How many legs did you start with?

Venom: I know ... not to request mercy ... from you ... but I have information ... ! Spare me ... I'll tell you ... about the android tha-

<Liquorice dashes in and finishes Venom off>

.....: Keep your mouth shut, useless minion! And you, you're the android they locked away? Why are you fighting on the humans side?

Starch: Cool entrance, Rumpelstiltskin! You want to know why ... hmmm, for team balance?

.....: I can't tell what you're planning but oppose me next time we meet I will cut you down with the others.

Starch: ... this is getting fun!


Venom: Oh this is so good, that blue failure's little understudy is right here in my web! The only way this could be better is if you were wrapped in a bow!

Aubergine: Justice was a million times the Section Lord you'll ever be! Helo and I won't let you get away with what you did to him and the others!

Venom: I'm going to pull you and your little spinning top apart.


Aubergine: What do you reckon, Helo, rotten all the way through! Hey Venom, now I've got you where I want you, how about some answers?

Venom: Yes! ... I'll talk! Save ... me and ... I'll tell you ... everything! The core ... there was ... an android ... and she-

<Liquorice dashes in and finishes Venom off>

.....: You just couldn't keep your mouth shut could you? Useless! All four of you were useless!

Aubergine: NO!

....: Oh please, you wouldn't have wanted to hear what he had to say anyway. It was all spoilers. You'll experience the truth for yourself soon enough.

Aubergine: Sorry Helo, I guess she got away... Just who was that android?


Venom: Huh? Shiitake? They let you out of the ship? I thought they had you chained to that place, not that I can't sympathise with that...

Shiitake: Hello Mr Venom! There have been some extraordinary circumstances and I am making the most of it! You are my next prey!

Venom: I think I see why they kept you in the fridge. You're going down, pipsqueak!


Shiitake: Thank you Mr Venom. You were a worthy opponent.

Venom: Save ... me! I can ... tell you things! I know! You ... want powerful foes ... right? There is ... an android ... she came ... she-

<Liquorice dashes in and finishes Venom off>

.....: Time I put an end to this farce! Some robots just don't know when to keep their mouths shut.

Shiitake: A clean blow! But pardon me, Miss knife-for-hand, you should ask the other hunter before interfering. Otherwise it may be regarded as stealing.

.....: Aren't you an interesting one. Consider this a warning, if you keep interfering you'll be facing me, personally.

Shiitake: Gone! She moves so quickly... ... I wonder if she moves quicker than a railgun slug.


Venom: This really is my lucky day! Peanut! You've made my life a nightmare since you came to this ship, always tattling and criticising everything I do!

Peanut: If you didn't like it you should have done your job better. You've been a lost cause for a while, Venom. I'm going to take you apart!

Venom: Just try it, cyclops! You can't snitch on me this time, I've been given permission to cut loose!


Peanut: Trash is trash. I don't need both eyes to see that. Someone gave you permission? Now that's interesting...

Venom: Wait ... save me! I'll talk! I'll ... tell you everything! There ... was this android ... in black armour ... and the Core ... she-

<Liquorice dashes in and finishes Venom off>

.....: You just couldn't keep your mouth shut could you? Useless! All four of you were useless!

Peanut: Are you kidding me!? Hey! Who are you?

.....: Someone you'll be meeting soon if you continue to meddle in my affairs, you rusted out relic.

Peanut: ... she had latest model specifications. Just what is an android like that doing here?


Venom: Mistress Liquorice! How wonderful to see you! I've done it, I've done it all just as you asked! Anything else you need, leave it to me!

Liquorice: Then could you die for me? I have no further use for you and you're an eyesore.

Venom: ... but ... but I did those things ... for you! How, how dare you! How dare you make a fool of me!


Liquorice: Wretched robot. Did you think I valued you?

Venom: ... why ... I was on your side ... I would have ... done whatever you asked ...

Liquorice: Oh please. You're the type that would blab everything the moment you felt threatened. I can't afford any loose ends.

If Liquorice is present in multiplayer, Venom won't be finished off after the fight once he starts to blab. Instead, the player Liquorice will cut in with:

Liquorice: Seriously? I'm standing right here.

Venom: ... well this is awkward.

Then the dialogue will end.

Voice lines[edit]

Melee attack[edit]

"Take this!"

"Don't Move!"

"Stay still!"

Player knockdown[edit]


"heh heh heh heh"




"What a waste of time"

Final phase defeated[edit]

"She gave me such power..."


  • Venom is voiced by Sanatana Mishra, one of the developers of the game.