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  • Use your secondary! One of the most common problems new players have (and even some experienced players) is not using the secondary weapon enough (Too Awesome To Use syndrome). Most of the time, you should be unloading your secondary every time it fully cools down, sometimes faster than that. Even if it's just to kill light mobs a bit quicker, that's still extra DPS that you would have otherwise wasted.
  • Your secondary always deals the same damage, it's not affected by your upgrade level. Therefore, you should be even more careful to fully utilize it when beginning the level or recovering from a knockdown, when your primary weapon is weakest.
  • Be aggressive! Most Assault Androids perform better at close range. You are not stuck in there with the robots - the robots are stuck in there with you. Lots of enemies can be stood practically inside of without danger, or circled. If you can kill your enemies quickly enough, you don't give them enough time to become a problem for you.
  • Listen to the audio cues. There are audio cues for weapon reinforcement, secondary weapon cooldown, and the state of your current health. The more things you're keeping track of with your ears, the less work your eyes have to do.
  • Keep a vague idea of which Powerup you last picked up, and use that information to choose your next powerup.
  • What color a powerup will be is based on the time you spawn them. If you can work out a consistent enough strategy, you can force the first few powerups to be what you want.
  • Accelerate is most useful at the beginning of a level, as it allows you to upgrade your weapon more effectively.
  • Firepower is invaluable against swarms of Wasps, so if you know a wasp wave is coming, be sure to top it up.
  • Weapon swapping gives you a sizeable amount of invincibility frames, which lets you hop through lasers and bullet patterns, and even mine explosions without taking damage. You can cover a lot more distance with Accelerate, enough to hop through entire crowds of mobs sometimes. If a Shutdown is stuck in a crowd, you can hop in to grab it and then ride out the invincibility that Shutdown provides.
  • You can walk straight through lasers at a right angle if you have Firepower. The drones block the beam.
  • In multiplayer, if you lose track of things and can't find yourself, hit Y on the face buttons (Home key if you're using KBM). Your Android will say her name and an indicator will appear over her head.


  • Manually weapon swapping after your secondary is fully used up is a little bit faster than waiting for the automatic swap. Manual swap timings can be the difference between 2 powerup colors on bosses.
  • At the beginning of a level, use the lowest-value mobs possible to build your combo chain to 10x. Kill high-value mobs as late as possible until you hit 10x.
  • Since the Battery is worth 10,000 points at 10x multiplier, it is sometimes worth it to intentionally delay for a couple of seconds to allow the last one to spawn before killing the last few mobs. Levels where this happens are called "battery choked".