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Tanks serve as containers of enemies for the sole purpose of transporting Wasps or Mines to the battlefield. In both cases, destroying the Tank, or simple getting too close will cause it to burst open, revealing its contents.

Icon Variant HP Base Score value Volts dropped
WaspTank.png Wasp 30 90 0
MineTank.png Mine 50 120 0

Wasp Tank[edit]

"Lightweight general purpose transport containers, Wasp Tanks are used to deliver fresh batches of Wasps to the front lines."[1]

These containers are used to add wasps to stages without appropriate spawn locations, or just to add a lot of wasps to a wave without instantly overwhelming the player. When destroyed, 16 wasps are spawned, each with an initial velocity in different directions to cause the swarm to spread out.

To deal with these efficiently, it's often useful to destroy the wasps before they get a chance to spread out, weapons with areas of effect damage (Such as Rockets and Propeller mines) or weapons with big areas (Such as the Cannonball and Helo) are ideal to deal with them. Slow firing weapons such as the shotgun and Railgun are generally poor choices.

Mine Tank[edit]

"Larger and sturdier than Wasp Tanks, Mine Tanks contain a nasty surprise for anyone whoe stands close."[1]

Much larger than Wasp tanks and slightly tougher, Mine Tanks contain six mines instead of wasps. Rather than spreading mines out equally when destroyed, mine tanks launch the contained mines directly at the player with high velocity, making these extremely dangerous to deal with up close, especially without Accelerate to dodge around the barrage.

Ideally these should be dealt with from a large distance if possible.

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