Surge Techniques

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Easy Techniques[edit]

Spray and Pray[edit]

Simple use of extreme firepower can cause you to get surges on lighter enemies easily (Particularly wasps). Use maximum weapon level, firepower to add more damage and even shutdowns to multiply your damage to just tear through swarms at high speed. Virtually all continuous-fire weapons can work, but obviously ones with better damage output work better.


Simply use weapons that damage multiple enemies at the same time, as long as more than 2 enemies are destroyed in the same attack, they will all earn the surge bonus.

Suitable weapons:

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Shotgun
  • Railgun
  • Propeller Mines
  • Vorpal Blade

Mine triggering[edit]

Whenever you detonate mines (Through shooting them or getting close), any damage they deal will be credited to you. Since mines blow up shortly after scoring, anything they destroy will automatically surge with the points they score themselves (Excluding White mines dropped from Bomber titans)

Hard Techniques[edit]


A skewer is when you take down an enemy (often a high value, high HP target), and then immediately kill a low-HP target behind it. Thus, your weapon "skewers" the two enemies together.

Starch's Laser and Cactus's Flamethrower are excellent for this purpose, due to their high close range DPS.

Wasps are perfect fuel for a skewer. Simply kill your high value target while pointing in the direction of the wasps and you're bound to kill at least one of them within the surge window. Bursting Wasp Tanks and not cleaning them up can provide you with ample skewer fuel.

Shock front[edit]

This takes advantage of Liquorice and Lemon's slow projectile speed and combines with Accelerate to make a wall of bullets which hit enemies at the same time for a huge burst of damage.

Simply start firing from a distance at a group of enemies and then charge right at them, the pile of bullets that stacks up should burst down enemies more quickly than simply firing while standing still.

Sandwich Slam[edit]

Get a light enemy between a heavy enemy and a wall, then drill the heavy enemy into the wall.

Timed correctly, the light enemy will be destroyed just before the heavy enemy hits the wall and is destroyed.

Split shot[edit]

Split secondary[edit]