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Icon Variant HP Base Score value Volts dropped
ReaperSpectre.png Reaper 50 900 6
BansheeSpectre.png Banshee 50 1050 7

Reaper Spectre[edit]

"Reaper Spectres house dedicated Near Field Teleportation devices to move effortlessly around the interior of the ship. Preferring to attack from unseen angles, Reaper Spectres use a powerful beam weapon and have little regard for their own allies."[1]

Reaper Spectres will appear, then charge up a laser to fire at the player. After a short time, the Reaper will teleport somewhere else and try again. They will typically try to teleport to a location at a medium distance away from their target, since they can fly, they may also teleport over pits.

The laser deals a high amount of red damage. While charging up, the reaper will always face its target with perfect accuracy, however just before the beam actually fires, the reaper will stop rotating and fire the beam in that direction, meaning it's only worth trying to dodge the attack just before it fires. Staying close to reapers will allow you to rotate around them more and gives you more control over which way they fire.

While charging, if the reaper loses line of sight, it will stay pointing in the direction it last saw its target until it sees a valid target again, this may be another player. It will not interrupt its attack if this occurs. If its attack is interrupted by a shutdown, it will teleport before trying to fire its laser again.

If the Reaper is standing on moving ground with moving walls, the laser has the potential to sweep as the wall pushes the reaper, becoming much more dangerous.

Reaper Spectres are first encountered during Focus

Banshee Spectre[edit]

Mercifully appearing only during one level in the campaign (Convection), and only ever in small numbers, Banshee Spectres teleport in at a distance much like Reaper Spectres, however instead of charging up a laser, they send out waves of bullets in a wide fanned out pattern before teleporting again and repeating. The bullets fired move slowly, last a long time, and persist even after the Spectre has been destroyed. Therefore they're capable of denying large areas of the level from the player simply though the weight of firepower. If allowed to teleport and attack again, the second attack of bullets will start before all of the bullets from the first attack will have expired.

While Banshee reapers will track your location briefly after teleporting in, once they start firing they will not change their facing until they next teleport. It can be useful to use this opportunity to make them face a safer direction so you can more easily move behind them where you will not be attacked.

It is usually a very good idea to prioritise destroying these above all else.

"Banshee Spectres relocate behind their target before releasing a broad volley of energy bullets. Their ability to move anywhere has made them one of the most fearsome threats of the robot uprising."[1]

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