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Powerups are pickups that are dropped by Enemies and some boss phases. They appear as glowing yellow, blue or red orbs (for Accelerate, Shutdown and Firepower respectively).

If left on the ground, powerups will cycle through the colors slowly, from yellow to blue to red, then back to yellow, and so on. The color changes every 5 seconds.

A powerup's starting color depends on the time that it spawns at. You can imagine a powerup as cycling through its colors in the background before it's spawned. The order of the color changes is the same, but five times as fast (one change per second). This allows you to control powerup color if you can play very consistently.

Powerups drop after a set number of enemies are defeated, after which the next enemy not over a pit or an island will drop a powerup when it is destroyed. No more than 3 powerups can exist at once, although progress towards the next powerup can still be made, potentially allowing multiple powerups to spawn in a short time if the existing ones are all collected.

Unlike Batteries, powerups will not block transitions within a stage and are immediately destroyed if the stage places a wall or pit at their location, or isolates the powerup from the player (such as being left on an island made just for turrets).

List of powerups[edit]

Icon Name Effect
Accelerate.png Accelerate Equips your Android with wings, allowing them to travel twice as quickly.

Batteries and Volts are pulled towards you more strongly from across the entire stage.

You also ignore every third point of damage taken, for an effective 33.3% absorption.

Duration is 15 seconds. Any subsequent pickups will extend the duration by an additional 15 seconds, to a cap of 30 seconds.

Androids with Accelerate no longer run, and instead skate across the floor.

Especially useful for slow-firing androids like Coral and Shiitake to line up shots quickly.

Shutdown.png Shutdown Projects a circular shutdown wave outwards, that covers a large area and goes through walls. Enemies caught by the wave will be temporarily stunned and unable to move or attack for 3 seconds (2.25 for bosses), mines and wasps will also lose all momentum when hit by the wave. This is the "bomb" of the game.

Stunned enemies receive double damage and stunned bosses receive 50% extra damage from all sources.

In addition, the Android that picked it up receives an instant full heal and 4 seconds of invincibility. If in multiplayer, other Androids do not get these bonuses (though they still get the damage bonus on stunned enemies)

If an enemy is hit by two consecutive shutdown waves, the stun duration is refreshed to 5 seconds. The shutdown wave itself is 3 dimensional and spherical, meaning it can affect enemies that are still dropping into the arena from above even after the wave has passed where they would land.

More useful in multiplayer, since all androids can make use of the breather and damage bonus.

Firepower.png Firepower Two drones join the player, one on each side, and fire bullets in a straight line in the same direction as the player is facing.

The drones will not fire unless the player is firing. Weapons with long reload times (such as the railgun) will cause the firepower drones to continue firing until the weapon is reloaded, even if the fire key is released.

Each drone has approximately 25 DPS, for a total of 50 DPS.

Duration is 12 seconds. Any subsequent pickups will extend the duration by an additional 12 seconds, to a cap of 24 seconds.

Drones will block bullets and lasers.

Especially useful against waves of Wasps, and thick crowds of enemies in general.

Powerup choice for Bosses[edit]

Since Firepower gives you 600 damage over its duration if used properly, it should usually be the priority choice. It is especially useful against Vespula's wasp phases. The best time to collect it is immediately after a boss phase begins and becomes vulnerable.

In singleplayer, the 50% extra damage you can deal over a Shutdown's 2.25 second stun duration will never be as much as Firepower can give you over its duration, but it has many useful properties:

  • It will heal you if you are on low health.
  • Boss melee attacks are disabled during the stun, so you can walk inside or through them (except for Medulla, who cannot be walked through).
  • Damage from firepower is useless while bosses transition between phases, this is particularly prominent with Embryo. Shutdowns however guarantee the boss will be disabled and vulnerable for the full period, even if means the shutdown needs to be extended to allow this to happen (such as during Justice).
  • Shutdowns can strike more than one phase of a boss if timed well. For example it is possible to hit phase 7 of Venom, end the phase shortly afterwards and shut down his body for phase 8.
  • The invincibility allows you to quickly make your way around without worrying about being knocked down (particularly useful during Venom)
  • It can let you burst damage down a boss phase quickly before it can produce a difficult attack pattern (particularly useful during Dark Embryo)
  • Unlike other powerups, the damage bonus effect scales with the number of players. Shutdown is 4 times more effective in 4-player.
  • Synergises with Firepower. You will deal an additional 25 DPS during the stun if you have Firepower (on top of the usual 50 DPS).
  • Additional spawns will be delayed (eg. Justice fenceposts, Medulla nodes and towers).

Accelerate is rarely preferable over other powerups except for when fighting Venom, where you might have to make your way across the arena quickly to destroy targets.