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Mines are rolling bombs that will slowly roll towards the player. If they are damaged sufficiently or they come too close to the player, they will explode, dealing high amounts of red splash damage. Either method will award you the Score for the kill, as long as it wasn't environmental damage or other enemies that triggered the explosion. Chain reactions will also award you points, as long as you started them (Including triggering them by touching them).

All mines are modeled as physics objects and collide with other robots and the environment based on this. Their movement is simply modelled as an acceleration towards the nearest player. When struck with a Shutdown wave, mines immediately lose all momentum. While shut down they will not detonate on contact and will not accelerate towards the player, however they can still be pushed around by other collisions and destroying them will still make them explode as normal.

Mine explosions are easily brief enough to Weapon Swap through, so running directly into a mine and then swapping through it is a viable tactic in a pinch.

Mines can fall into pits, at which point they will explode, awarding no points.

Icon Variant HP Base Score value Volts dropped
Mine.png Regular 10 20 2
Mine.png White 10 0 0
SuperMine.png Super 50 700 8

Regular Mine[edit]

Regular Mines and a Super Mine in Checkpoint.

"Autonomous target seeking Mines, they are typically used externally as nets against unexpected space debris. Turned against the inhabitants of the Genki Star, they represent a danger to everything around them."[1]

The most common form of Mine, with low health, small size and relatively high movement speed.

Can appear in great numbers, indeed, some waves consist of nothing but mines. They also appear inside Mine Tanks on later levels.

1 or 2 mines are not dangerous on their own, but many mines are highly dangerous. Firepower is extremely useful for blowing them up before they get too close, and Accelerate while Weapon Swapping will help you escape if you're cornered.

Mines are first encountered during Capacitor.

White Mine[edit]

White Mines being fired by a Bomber Titan in Descent.

White Mines are fired by Bomber Titans and are not worth Score, Combo nor do they contribute to the battery spawn requirement. They are also white in appearance. Otherwise, they are identical to Regular Mines.

First encountered in Descent.

Super Mine[edit]

"Commonly known as 'asteroid busters', Super Mines are used primarily to disrupt visible space borne threats. Used on board the ship, they are slow, cumbersome and capable of destroying everything in their proximity."[1]

Super Mines are larger, much slower, have much more health, and have a much larger blast radius. They usually appear 1 or 2 at a time at most.

Super Mines are best handled at long range, since it can be tricky to judge when they'll go off.

Super Mines are only encountered during Checkpoint in the campaign, but also appear in Daily Drive and Infinity Drive.


Icon Name Requirement Tips/strategy
Chain Reaction.jpg Chain Reaction Cause 3 mines to explode in succession without being shot Not much to this one, you'll probably get it by accident. Pick any level that has tons of mines (like Centrifuge), wait for a mine wave, corral the mines, then shoot one. Should cause enough of them to explode to get the achievement.
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