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Assault Android Cactus is an indie twin-stick shooter developed by Witch Beam. This is an unofficial fan-made wiki about the game.

Buy it now on Steam, it's incredibly fun! If you're unsure, there's a free demo available which features the first couple of levels.

AAC is also available on PS4, Xbox One / One X, and Nintendo Switch. The PC and Switch versions are named Assault Android Cactus+ due to the added Campaign+ content.

How to browse this wiki[edit]

Check the left sidebar for page categories! You can also search for something specific in the top right.

Contribute to this wiki[edit]

If you learn something new about the game that's not on the wiki, consider editing or creating a page for it. We welcome any input (as long as it's correct!)

A note about spoilers[edit]

If you haven't played through the game yet, browsing this wiki will spoil unlockable characters and the plot of the story. Make sure you're okay with that!

About Miraheze[edit]

This wiki is 100% ad-free, and that's because our wiki hosting platform Miraheze is entirely donation-supported. It's also 100% open-source, which is cool! If you can contribute to their work or make a donation, please do!

(We don't see any of it, mind you - we don't make any money from this wiki.)

Community Discord[edit]

If you'd like to request special permissions, have a question, or just want to chat about the game, feel free to join the Cactus community Discord here!