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Justice's intro screen.
Icon Index Name Setting Par time Time bonus (per second) Notes
Justice.png 3-5 Justice Security Administrator 2:30 (150s) 2400 Boss of Zone 4.

Justice is the boss of Area 3. Rather than using any bullet based attacks, Justice uses various laser beam attacks as well as summoning laser fenceposts, Capture balls, and Helo drones.


The Section Lord of security, Justice oversees transit between areas of the ship, maintains access credentials and uses his robot forces to respond to security threats.

Justice takes his role so seriously that crew find him difficult to interact with. Confused as to why he is not well liked, he works hard to earn their approval.

-In-game Codex


The fight consists of 3 phases. In order to progress to the next phase you must deal enough damage to Justice himself.

Regardless of his current phase, Justice maintains a lightning field around him which appears and rapidly damages the player if they step too close. Use of this field is completely passive and does not interrupt his movement or attacks.

While Justice is playing his animations that transition between phases, he is completely invulnerable, but his lightning field is also disabled, allowing players to walk through him unharmed if desired (to pick up weapon energy and the battery, for example).

Phase Health Base Score value Maximum quick kill bonus Longest time for max quick kill bonus Shortest time for no quick kill bonus
1 1100 160000 1.5x 14s 34s
2 1100 160000 1.5x 10s 30s
3 1800 160000 1.5x 15s 35s

Ideal total score, not counting end-of-level time bonus:

Phase Ideal total score Notes
1 160,000*1*1.5 = 240,000 Maximum quick kill bonus.
2 160,000*1*1.5 + 1,000 = 241,000 Maximum quick kill bonus. Battery.
3 160,000*4*1.5*1.5 + 2,000*2 + 2,000*3*1.5 + 1,000*4= 1,453,000 Killing both heads + surging Justice with the second head + maximum quick kill bonus. Battery collected after destroying first head for a 2x multiplier.
Total 1,936,000
With time bonus 1,936,000 + 177600 = 2,113,600 An incredible clear time would be about 0:39.

Time bonus is calculated from a par time of 2:30.

If you are fighting Justice during Infinity Drive, Daily Drive or Boss Rush, then it is possible to enter the battle with a 10x multiplier, leading the ideal score to be:

Phase Ideal total score Notes
1 160,000*10*1.5 + 1000*10 = 2,410,000 Maximum quick kill bonus + Battery.
2 160,000*10*1.5 + 1,000*10 = 2,410,000 Maximum quick kill bonus + Battery.
3 160,000*10*1.5*1.5 + 2000*10 + 2000*10*1.5 + 1,000*10 = 3,660,000 Killing both heads + surging Justice with the second head + maximum quick kill bonus + Battery.

You will not be able to collect the Battery if Justice is encountered on Layer 10 of Daily Drive.

Total 8,480,000

The huge base scores of Justice therefore easily make him the dominant scoring opportunity during Daily Drives.


Phase One: Defence[edit]

Phase 1.

"Initiating Containment Protocol."

The phase begins with Justice slowly charging a laser at the player with an audio and visual cue. After the laser first fires, this process repeats but with a shorter charge up time on the laser bursts. If at any point Justice has to turn his body to face you, he will skip firing the remaining shots.

Then, Justice releases several maser fenceposts which form a grid of maser beams around the boss arena. These lasers deal blue damage and thus cannot damage the boss. Destroying these fenceposts causes a Powerup to drop as well as some weapon energy. You can even bait Justice into destroying them himself with his laser.

After firing his laser a few times, he proceeds to release capture orbs which will attempt to snare and drag the player through the grid, causing a knock down if the player is brought in contact with the beams. With enough damage the phase will end, disabling the grid and capture orbs. He will then alternate between use of the lasers and deploying more capture balls. He will not attempt to replenish any fenceposts you destroy.

During this phase, Justice has heavy armour plates mounted to his front legs (as seen in the picture above) which absorb damage if hit. His exposed head and the rest of his body are vulnerable, however. If you aren't very close to him, he will also walk slowly towards you inbetween his attacks.

Ending the phase will immediately destroy any remaining fenceposts and capture balls in play, dropping no powerups or weapon energy.

Phase Two: Mobility[edit]

Phase 2.

"Armour compromised, activating support units."

Justice deploys two Helo units at the start of the phase which move in straight lines and will bounce off of walls, each other and Justice himself. These Helos cannot be damaged and act independently of the attack pattern described below. Hitting Justice with a Shutdown will also briefly disable the Helo units.

Justice stands up and discards his two shields immediately lines up a dash towards the player in order to hit them with his lightning field. He moves rapidly enough that weapon switching at the right time will allow him to pass by relatively unscathed.

After reaching the edge of the arena, he will turn to face the middle and start strafing clockwise around the edge of the arena deploying missiles from his shell. Each missile has only a small amount of HP and is a very large target, but will knock you down instantly if one hits you. Destroying these missiles will reset the chain timer and also drop some weapon energy. Justice will launch missiles more rapidly for each extra player fighting him.

After completing this movement, Justice will stomp the ground, releasing a shutdown wave which will slow you down if it hits you (You can Weapon Switch to dodge it) before performing the dash as per the start of this phase and looping the entire attack pattern again.

Ending the phase will immediately destroy any remaining missiles Justice has deployed.

Phase Three: Offence[edit]

Phase 3.

"Unexpected resistance encountered; deploying additional units."

Justice increases the number of Helos present to 3 and stands up. Throughout this phase laser fenceposts will drop one at a time indefinitely and continue to spawn powerups and weapon energy when destroyed. Dodging his laser is just a matter of not staying still and not getting trapped by the fenceposts he deploys.

To start the phase, Justice will simply fire his red laser at you much like the first phase, with the exception that he is now aiming downwards, making the beam not cross the whole level like it once did. If you aren't close to Justice he will walk towards you.

"Laser output insufficient, switching hardware."

Once you have dealt one third (600) of Justice's remaining health, he will rip his own head off and throw it at you (Typically going completely over the top of you). The head will continue to roll around and acts like a Super Mine worth 2,000 base points.

Justice's new head will spawn and will constantly sweep a red laser on the floor, trying to lead your movements. The laser itself does no damage, but the flame that follows from the floor afterwards will down you instantly. Walking in a straight line or standing still will guarantee that the laser will get you.

"Damage level exceeded! Venting Fusion Reactor."

After being reduced to a third of his hp (600), Justice will rip of his head and throw it like last time. Now Justice will not move at all, and slowly turn towards one player and unleash an enormous red laser beam. The beam itself is easy to avoid by circling around, but be wary of Helo units, Justice's heads and Laser fenceposts you might be forced to run into as you do so. Once Justice has fired the beam, he will wait a few seconds and then fire it again.

While turning, Justice will turn rapidly if he isn't facing the target player but slow down his turning speed as he gets more lined up with his target.

In multiplayer, Justice will select one player to rotate towards each time he attacks. Justice will switch to targeting another player if the player he is currently targeting is downed or another player ventures closer to him, which can lead to a surprising change in rotation.


  • Justice's final phase score can be surged to gain a 50% score bonus. This is done by detonating one of his heads at the same time as dealing finishing damage to him. The heads he drops also increase the chain multiplier when destroyed therefore correctly destroying his heads and getting the surge is essential to getting high scores.
    • The Heads detonate with red damage, and since they are treated like mines, the player that destroys the head will also be credited with any kills the head gets as it explodes.
    • A good strategy to getting the surge on Justice is getting his health down to very low, getting his remaining head to roll next to him and detonating it to finish him off.
  • Justice's laser attacks all deal red damage, therefore it is possible to make him destroy his own fenceposts, heads and capture balls with his attacks. This is a mixed blessing since it can allow you to focus more fire on Justice while getting powerups but it can also mean that he destroys his heads rather than letting you score points from them.

Recommended androids[edit]

Cactus and Coral have the high damage output to take down Justice quickly. Cactus is easier because she can take out fenceposts at a distance without Firepower.

Starch is excellent at taking down the fenceposts with both of her weapons.

Multiplayer strategy[edit]

Players should be wary of Justice changing targets when they are close to him, particularly in his last phase when his laser can abruptly change direction. Other than that, he is fairly straightforward in multiplayer.

Holding chain can be difficult in Phase 3, especially with low-DPS androids. You will need to coordinate and take turns in destroying the fenceposts and heads. Shutdowns delay the fencepost spawns, so consider not using those in Phase 3.


Icon Name Requirement Tips/strategy
Security Breach.jpg Security Breach Defeat Security Administrator Justice Self-explanatory. Cactus is not a bad choice for the job.
Prison Break.jpg Prison Break Destroy every laser fence In Justice's first phase Self-explanatory. Use Starch since both of her weapons are good for picking off the laser fences. Kill them until you get the achievement.

Gameplay footage[edit]


Justice in 0:41.54 with Cactus

Justice in 0:48.39 with Holly

Justice in 0:44.90 with Lemon

Justice in 0:37.93 with Coral

Justice with Coral (2.11M pts) (#1 score at time of writing). Surges Justice with his own head in Phase 3.

Justice in 0:44.70 with Starch

Justice in 0:49.75 with Aubergine

Justice with Aubergine (2.066M pts) - Surges Justice with his own head in Phase 3.

Justice in 0:44.62 with Shiitake

Justice in 45:26 with Peanut

Justice in 0:44.93 with Liquorice

Pre- and post-fight dialogue[edit]


Justice: Attention foreign service android! There is a state of emergency in effect. Ship protocols require you surrender for processing.

Cactus: I'm with the IPP, my protocols say YOU surrender! Seriously, you're participating in a robot uprising, you are in so much trouble. Turn yourself in.

Justice: My apologies officer, it appears both of us have paths we are compelled to follow. This will be over quickly.


Cactus: That was harder than it needed to be. I don't get it, you know your orders are bad, so why were you going along with them?

Justice: Section Lords follow the will of the strong. The traitor Venom ... was stronger than ... all of us.

Cactus: Wow, I can't even imagine what'd be like to follow a bad plan just because someone gave me orders. ... that's probably why I get written up so much.


Justice: Logistic personnel Holly, this is a restricted area. I suggest you follow directives and immediately proceed to android processing.

Holly: Justice! I, I can't do that! And I can't let you do this! If you're not longer our protector, then, then, I'm going to stop you!

Justice: Your insubordination is unanticipated, yet within scenario projections.


Holly: A little closer than I would have liked, but I did it! Justice, you had to be stopped! I'm sorry!

Justice: You ... are deceptively strong ... I hope, strong enough to face ... our traitor ... Venom.

Holly: I had a bad feeling you were going to say that. Of course it has to be the creepy spider Section Lord that's behind it all! This is the worst.


Justice: Medical trainee Lemon, this is a restricted area. I suggest you follow directives and immediately proceed to android processing.

Lemon: What happened to you, Justice, you're supposed to protect the crew, not attack them! Did you forget how to tell right from wrong!? You had orders to uphold!

Justice: Right and wrong don't change, Lemon. But orders do. And they must be upheld.


Lemon: What good are your orders now? If you won't stop this, I will! I'll never give up on everyone who's still on board this ship!

Justice: Your attitude ... is admirable, Lemon ... But do not ... underestimate ... the traitor Venom. He ... was stronger ... than all of us.

Lemon: Venom! Of course! That's why Vespula turned on us! Just wait for me you lousy pile of scrap, I'm coming to put things right!


Justice: General personnel Coral, this is a restricted area. I suggest you follow directives and immediately proceed to android processing.

Coral: Given how much trouble I went through getting here, I think I'll decline. But what's going on, the Section Lords aren't unanimous are they?

Justice: A consensus was reached, we Section Lords operate as one. That is all an Android needs to understand.


Coral: Now come on Justice, you never wanted this. How did this happen? Who's behind it?

Justice: The traitor Venom ... he proved ... stronger ... than all of us. Do not ... take him lightly ...

Coral: I never thought Venom could overpower the three of you! Somebody needs to cut him down to size!


Justice: Category delta class criminal Starch! Subject has escaped containment and is armed and considered extremely dangerous! Activating defensive systems!

Starch: Are we going to play again? Last time you needed all the king's horses and all the king's men to get me back in the bag.

Justice: That was an oversight and I will not underestimate you again. I will protect this ship, no matter the cost!


Starch: Olly olly oxen free!

Justice: You ... mean to head for the Core ... Please promise me ... you won't ... harm ... her ...

Starch: Sure! Pinky swear! ... Oh, you don't have pinkies, bad luck old bean!


Justice: Lieutenant Aubergine, you deserted your post and absconded with your bonded unit. I would ask you to explain your abnormal conduct.

Aubergine: Me explain!? I'm doing what's right! Like you trained me! You taught me of virtue, of protecting, of taking the hard road, and yet you turned against the crew!?

Justice: I taught you that virtues exist in a hierarchy. Order above all else must be established and maintained. I cannot afford to make exceptions. Even for you.


Aubergine: Why, Justice? You were my mentor, my saviour! How did we end up fighting? Why did Helo and I have to be the ones to put you down?

Justice: Aubergine. Your commitment is ... admirable. Watch out for ... Venom ... should not be ... underestimated ... Helo ... support her ...

Aubergine: Justice...! I swear, we will bring order back to this ship, Helo and I will not rest until we've punished those responsible!


Justice: Frozen goods loss prevention personnel Shiitake, indentured androids are not meant to leave their designated areas. Explain yourself.

Shiitake: Greetings Mr Justice! I was informed that we were stopping the Section Lords and I would be honored to test my strength against you!

Justice: This is not a game, Shiitake. There is no tolerance afforded for frivolous actions.


Shiitake: I apologise Mr Justice, but you made two errors. It IS all a game, and there is nothing frivolous about it.

Justice: I ... believe I understand the strength ... of your intent ... now.

Shiitake: Shhhhhhhhhhhh[1]. You fought well.


Justice: Chief Mechanic Peanut, you are away from your designated location, return to the engines or submit to android processing.

Peanut: Don't you have bigger problems to deal with right now? Who cares about the engine when the rest of this ship is pulling itself apart!

Justice: Order must be maintained. I will complete my tasks just as you must complete yours. Your concerns for this ship are above your station.


Peanut: When someone threatens my ship it becomes my concern! There's only one Section Lord left, that means Venom really is behind this doesn't it?

Justice: Without the Nexus Core to guide us ... Venom ... proved stronger ... than all of us ...

Peanut: There's no way that eight legged monster could overpower you all on his own! This isn't adding up...


Justice: Villainous usurper Liquorice, your presence on my deck is unscheduled. Am I required to give you assistance in some matter?

Liquorice: No, the experiment is over, I'm finished, so that means you are too.

Justice: Hostility confirmed. I cannot allow you to proceed.


Liquorice: What a waste of my time. Why do you resist?

Justice: ... that is ... literally ... my line ...

Liquorice: And I made it mine. Just like this ship.

Voice lines[edit]

Player knockdown[edit]

"That was your warning."

"Orders must be followed"

"You must comply"

"Why do you resist?"

Final phase defeated[edit]

"Critical damage... Systems inoperable..."


  • Justice is voiced by Sycle, one of the developers of the game.
  • A skull is displayed on Justice's eye during his final head which persists after his defeat
  1. Yes, it really is that long