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Icon Index Name Setting Notes
Filament.png 1-3 Filament Lower Maintenance Platform

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Developer Commentary (paraphrased)[edit]

S: And here we have Filament, or affectionately known as "They're coming out of the waaalllls!" It has no walls, but you get it.

T: (laughs) In the original earliest prototype of the game, you had a torch all the time, so wherever you faced you were lighting up the dark with a torch. Somewhere along the line, I realised that I kinda hated games that would set you in the dark with a torch, so the game became really brightly lit. This level was left in as a reference (laughs) to that early version.

S: I think we worked around it as well, like the enemies have their own lights and indicators that lit up in the dark, so you always have all the visual information you need, whereas those games that are centred around having torchlight - especially twinstick shooters which is really common - they often have that problem where you don't have that visual information, so the entire game is spent backing up and praying that you get enemies in front of you. So, we flipped it on its head a bit, and you still get the visually interesting lighting, but also the gameplay just works well.

T: Yeah, yeah, and the switching between the lights on and off is really cool. I really like the "flow" it has because of that.

S: Also, it has one of my favourite achievements ever, which is that with Holly, you can stand on the edge, shoot a cannonball, and as it runs out of energy it will fall down, roll into a hole, and you get the Nothing but Net.

T: (chuckles)