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Icon Variant HP Base Score value Volts dropped
RocketFido.png Rocket 15 120 2
FetcherFido.png Fetcher 30 500 4
JumboFido.png Jumbo 110 900 8

Rocket Fido[edit]

"Fidos are commonly used in the upper cabins instead of Kegs due to their small size and human friendly design. Refitted with rocket propelled grenades, Rocket Fidos launch their payload upon making eye contact with their target, believing they are returning the missile to its owner."[1]

Rocket Fidos jump towards you and fire off an aerial rocket at your predicted position similar to the rocket weapon used by Embryo, moving in straight lines or standing still is a near guarantee that the rocket will hit you. The rocket is telegraphed by a red targeting reticle on the ground before it lands and explodes, dealing red damage. Unlike Mines, rockets can still damage you some time after the point of explosion, so watch out!

Despite the indirect nature of the rockets, Fidos can only fire at you if they are directly facing you and are within range. They also have a minimum range where they will try to move away instead of firing. Once the animation to fire has started, it cannot be stopped without destroying the fido, breaking line of sight won't stop the attack. Once the rocket has launched, destroying the fido will not stop its attack from completing.

Rocket Fidos are not especially dangerous, but can killsteal you to sap your Score, and if you're very unlucky, break your Combo.

They are easily identifiable by their white coloring.

Rocket Fidos are first seen during Influx.

Fetcher Fido[edit]

"Lacking offensive abilities, Fetcher Fidos are under the impression their targets are lost and try to lead them by energy tether towards nearby larger robots in the hopes of obtaining directions."[1]

Fetcher Fidos are surprisingly robust for their size and score surprisingly highly. Rather than fire rockets, they will pursue you and try to grab you with a "leash" attack. The attack has a slight delay after starting and if you are no longer in front of the Fido, in range or in direct line of sight with the Fido, the attack will fail. If you are already leashed, other Fetcher Fidos cannot use their attack, but they will still try to remain close.

When leashed, you cannot move beyond a certain distance away from the Fido. To break the leash you must either destroy the Fido, somehow get a wall or gap between you or collect a Shutdown.

While leashed, the Fido can still be pushed/pulled by Plasma Field and Singularity, and will take you with it, so beware!

It's advisable to cull Fetcher Fidos quickly or stay out of their range while you pursue more important targets. Unlike other "minor" enemies they cannot be ignored. Always be aware of their presence.

They are easily identifiable by their blue coloring.

Fetcher Fidos are first seen during Assembly.

Jumbo Fido[edit]

"Often accompanying Rocket Fidos and Fetcher Fidos, Jumbo Fidos are responsible for guiding their smaller brethren. With heavier bodies and larger transport cavities, they are able to fire eight rockets simultaneously and think they are being involved in a celebration that requires fireworks."[1]

Much larger and sporting much more health than other types of Fido, Jumbo Fidos behave similar to Rocket Fidos, but instead of one large rocket, they will fire a salvo of eight smaller rockets in a rough spread around the player. Each rocket deals a much smaller explosion than the single shot from a Rocket Fido, but is still more than capable of downing you on a direct hit. They otherwise behave the same as Rocket Fidos

They are easily identifiable by their red coloring and large size.

Jumbo Fidos are first seen during Centrifuge.

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