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Factories are an advanced type of enemy that appears in later levels. Slow and easy to hit, these circular enemies move towards the player and produce nodes or bullet patterns.

The main purpose of Factory Nodes is to soak up damage, which they can do extremely well on high-overkill weapons like Liquorice's Cannon. Firepower helps a lot when it comes to suppressing the nodes while you damage the Factory itself.

Factory Nodes extend the Combo timer when killed, but do not increase the chain length. Since Shiitake's Railgun damages everything equally in a line, it's completely unaffected by the nodes. You might even want to hit them on purpose to buffer your Combo chain. Area-of-effect attacks like Rockets are also effective.

Icon Variant HP Base score value Weapon Energy
OrbitalFactory.png Orbital 120 1200 18
VectorFactory.png Vector 80 1200 12
TendrilFactory.png Tendril 60 600 5
N/A Factory Node 5 0 0

Orbital Factory[edit]

Orbital Factories in Collider.

"Orbital Factories form the heart of a swirling network of nodes and are adept at monitoring large areas or functioning as mobile communication relays. Deployed offensively, the Factory's size and ability to quickly regenerate nodes makes it extremely resilient."[1]

The largest type of Factory with the most health, Orbital Factories follow the player while continuously producing nodes. These nodes swirl around the factory and do not pose a threat unless the player walks right into them. Each node will take some damage to destroy and the factory will keep producing more, meaning that focused fire is required to take them down, particularly with low DPS characters.

Orbital factories drop a surprising number of weapon Volts, the most of any single normal enemy. This makes them fantastic to levelling up your weapon and also causing more batteries to spawn.

Orbital Factories are first seen during Transit.

Vector Factory[edit]

"Smaller than an Orbital Factory, Vector Factories produce nodes and launch them directly at their target, making them an effective long range threat while shielding itself from head-on attack."[1]

Smaller and weaker than an Orbital Factory, Vector Factories will attempt to maintain some distance and launch nodes at you. While not particularly hard to sidestep or destroy, the nodes can do significant damage if they catch you off guard.

Since they tend to avoid the player at close quarters, Vector Factories hanging off the edge of the map can be annoying, particularly in Relay. If there's something else to focus on, move away from the edge to bait them back onto land.

Vector Factories are first seen during Revolution.

Tendril Factory[edit]

"Instead of producing nodes, the Tendril Factory finds a position and begins to generate radiating waves of controlled plasma projectiles. Destroying the main unit causes any bullets it controls to immediately destabilise."[1]

The only Factory that does not produce nodes, and also the Factory with the lowest health. Tendril Factories move towards the player, and will then stop and begin producing radiating rings of bullets when close enough to the player.

The rings have gaps in them, so it's possible to navigate the rings in order to get closer to the Factory. Alternatively you could just Weapon Swap through them.

Like Turrets, it's advisable you destroy these as soon as possible. If multiple Tendril Factories are allowed to spawn rings, the arena can quickly fill up with bullets and become difficult to navigate.

Tendril Factories are first seen during Repeater.

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