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There are many different enemy types encountered throughout the Genki Star.

Common Properties[edit]

There are some common features to all enemies encountered:

  • Instead of health bars, all enemies have coloured lights on their body that start out at a bright cyan shade, the more damaged the become, the redder the lights appear.
  • Players have no collision with enemies, no matter how big, they do not act as a physical wall blocking your movement. Many enemies have close ranged attacks that makes this very unsafe however.
  • Contrary to this, robots do collide with each other, with heavier enemies typically pushing lighter enemies around.
  • In multiplayer, enemies will target one player at a time, typically the closest. They also have scripting that prevents them from changing target mid way through attacks.
  • All bullet-firing enemies will always stop moving to attack, to prevent their bullet patterns from becoming too chaotic.
Appearance Enemy type Different variants
Keg.png Keg Regular, Hunter, Mega
BomberTitan.png Titan Bomber, Blaster, Buster
Drone.png Drone Regular, Turbo
BulletTurret.png Turret Bullet, Laser, Maser
Mine.png Mine Regular, Super
Wasp.png Wasp Regular
RocketFido.png Fido Rocket, Fetcher, Jumbo
OrbitalFactory.png Factory Orbital, Vector, Tendril
WaspTank.png Tank Wasp, Mine
ReaperSpectre.png Spectre Reaper, Banshee
100px Geo Box, Super Box, Dasher, Cross Shooter, Beam

For Bosses, see the Campaign Levels page.


Icon Name Requirement Tips/strategy
Centre Of Mass.jpg Centre of Mass Destroy an enemy with Helo while it's caught by a Singularity Self-explanatory. Use Aubergine, hit a crowd of mobs in any level with your secondary, and then point Helo at it. Will definitely be unlocked naturally if you play Aubergine for any meaningful period of time.
Chain Reaction.jpg Chain Reaction Cause 3 mines to explode in succession without being shot Not much to this one, you'll probably get it by accident. Use Starch, pick any level that has tons of mines (like Centrifuge), wait for a mine wave, corral the mines, then shoot one. Should cause enough of them to explode to get the achievement.
Collateral Damage.jpg Collateral Damage Destroy 3 enemies by driving another enemy through them with the Giga Drill Requires beating Venom in order to unlock Peanut. Pick an early-ish level (like Capacitor), then drive a Titan through some mobs using the drill. Most levels will work, though. Might take a few attempts.
Everything's Cactus.jpg Everything's Cactus Destroy 15,000 homicidal robots You will naturally unlock this achievement if shooting for all achievements, but if you want to grind it out for whatever reason, repeatedly beat Hive with Virtual Player Count 3 or 4 using Lemon or Peanut. Hive has huge wasp swarms that are pretty easy to deal with. Using Mega Weapons can make it more fun.
Seven At One Blow.jpg Seven At One Blow Destroy seven enemies with a single Rail Gun shot Most levels have an opening for this, but Vespula is by far the easiest. Use Shiitake, wait a couple of seconds for the wasp swarm to thicken, then fire a railgun slug through the thickest part of the swarm. You should easily unlock the achievement within the first couple of shots.