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EX Options are extra options that can be found in the "Collections" section of the main menu. They can change the visual style and/or modify the gameplay.

Before an EX Option can be used, it must be purchased with Credits. Credits are awarded by playing the game and beating levels. The amount of credits you're awarded per level is your score divided by 5715. To buy every option requires 23500 Credits (ie. about 134 million combined score across all previous levels). The most time-efficient credits farming method is to run Boss Rush, granting as many as 4200ish credits in as fast as 5-6 minutes.

Using any EX Option will show a "EX MODE" indicator in the top left of the menu. Using a gameplay-modifying option (e.g. one with a red background in its icon) will also disqualify any scores from appearing in the leader-boards. This is indicated by the text "NO HIGHSCORES" underneath "EX MODE". Leaderboards can be easily re-enabled by simply turning all red options off.

EX Options have their own speedrun leaderboard.

List of EX Options[edit]

Icon Name Credit cost Disables leaderboards? In-game description Notes
FirstPersonCamera borderless.png First Person Camera 5000 No See the world from an Android's viewpoint Changes the game from a top-down twin-stick shooter to a true first-person shooter. Controls are exactly what you'd expect on both controller and M+KB.

Doesn't apply to the Stage Select screen, only in levels.

Interestingly, this is the only mode in which you can look/fire upwards or downwards. It's completely useless, but you can. You also get a good sense of the bosses' enormous scale, particularly Venom, who is terrifyingly large.

In multiplayer, split screen is enabled.

Aubergine always centres Helo in front of her vision, and you tap the fire button at varying rates to move him closer or further away from you. You can't fire the Singularity at your feet, the projectile will always travel horizontally.

While it's totally possible to beat the game in this mode, it's so awkward that you wouldn't want to. It's essentially a gimmick mode for some laughs.

Mutually exclusive with Classic Camera.

ClassicCamera borderless.png Classic Camera 5000 No Remove a dimensional element with an isometric perspective Changes the camera to parallel projection rather than the usual perspective projection, at the classic isometric angle.

This makes everything look "flatter" and more retro, but some people actually prefer it to the normal camera.

Mutually exclusive with First Person Camera, and No HUD (for some reason).

JJVisualFilter borderless.png JJ Visual Filter 1000 No For those who enjoy being around bright Hollywood stars Adds an intense amount of bloom and flare to bright objects on the screen (like your bullets).

Named after director J. J. Abrams, who is known for having flashy visual effects in his movies.

Combining with Mega Weapons is not recommended for health reasons.

Mutually exclusive with Scorched and Psychedelic filters.

ScorchedVisualFilter borderless.png ScorchedVisualFilter 1000 No For those who look forward to a gritty post-apocalyptic future Washes out most colors, producing a greyer and more drab color palette. By far the most playable filter, but it's perhaps a little boring. A good choice if you find the game to be a bit too bright for your taste.

Mutually exclusive with JJ and Psychedelic filters.

PsychedelicVisualFilter borderless.png Psychedelic Visual Filter 1000 No Simulate altered cognition and perception Distorts and oversaturates every color on the screen. Basically unplayable, but funny.

Mutually exclusive with JJ and Scorched filters.

NoHUD borderless.png No HUD 1000 No Remove all HUD elements Removes the heads-up display. The weapon cooldown indicator around your character is retained.

Players might opt to turn this on for a more immersive experience, since you don't really need to look at your HUD much anyway, but you lose the useful "Enemies remaining" indicator at the end of the level, which is good to ensure that you're not needlessly wasting time or dropping Combo.

Strongly not recommended for M+KB users, since it removes the aiming reticle.

Mutually exclusive with Classic Camera (for some reason).

RubberMusic borderless.png Rubber Music 500 No Let the flow of the battle affect the speed of the music Warps the music, mainly based on Battery and player speed. Low battery will cause the music to become quieter, and some elements will be removed entirely. Increasing player speed (ie. via Accelerate) increases pitch and tempo - and this effect stacks for each player, including Liquorice in Collider. Anything that slows you down (ie. Justice or Liquorice's shutdowns, Venom web) will have the opposite effect.
NormalSizedHeadMode borderless.png Normal Sized Head Mode 1000 No Subject the Androids to the indignity of regular human proportions Reduces android head:body size ratio to look more adult human-like. It can look pretty good for some androids... not so much for others.

A jab at the "Big Head Mode" offered in many other video games via cheat codes.

AIPartners borderless.png AI Partners 1000 Yes Join in A.I partners for artificial friendship Has four modes: off, 2-player, 3-player, and 4-player. The game will automatically fill any empty slots with AI players after the character select screen, to the desired number of players. If there are already as many human players as the setting or more, no AIs will be added.

AIs will pick an android at random, and can also pick alternate skins if you have them unlocked. You can quickly reroll the AIs by backing out to the character select screen and re-confirming your character choice.

If you have Duplicate Characters enabled, it's possible to roll 2 or even 3 of the same AI.

The AI is not particularly smart and will probably be more of a hindrance than a help on harder levels, since they increase mob spawning rate and boss health. This mode is to increase chaos and is just for fun.

VirtualPlayerCount borderless.png VirtualPlayerCount 1000 Yes Take on co-op enemy counts all by yourself Virtual Player Count (or VPC) is essentially a hard mode. It lets you turn up mob spawn rates and boss health to a 2, 3 or even 4-player level. At VPC4, mobs spawn three times as much, and bosses have three times as much health. Note that Liquorice in Collider counts as a boss and also gets a health bonus.

Can not be used to lower the difficulty, eg. if you have three players and try to turn on VPC2, there will be no effect.

DuplicateCharacters borderless.png Duplicate Characters 1000 Yes For when everyone wants to pick the same character Allows multiple players to pick the same Assault Android. Also allows AI Partners to pick the same Android as you/each other.

Gives rise to some interesting strategies - for example, with multiple Corals you can keep up a Plasma Shield indefinitely by stacking them, and the same for Aubergine's Singularity.

MegaWeapons borderless.png Mega Weapons 5000 Yes Swap out your secondary equipment for mega hardware Replaces all of the android's secondary weapons with "Mega" versions of the primary weapons.

Mega weapons are like primary weapons, but reinforced to a hypothetical Level 10 or so. They share the same model as the corresponding primary weapon, but with a metallic gold texture all over.

For more information, see the page for each Assault Android.


Camera Options[edit]

Visual Filters[edit]

Normal Sized Head Mode[edit]

Mega Weapons[edit]


Icon Name Requirement Tips/strategy
Blast Processing.jpg Blast Processing Activate an EX Option EX Options can be found in the "Collections" section of the main menu. Credits are used to unlock options, and are earned by completing levels. The amount of credits you're awarded per level is your score divided by 1000 (or equivalently, 1000 Credits per million score points). Just unlock one and then enable it. Keep in mind that the red EX Options disable leaderboards.
Opportunity Cost.jpg Opportunity Cost Unlock all items in EX Options EX Options can be found in the "Collections" section of the main menu. Credits are used to unlock artwork, and are earned by completing levels. The amount of credits you're awarded per level is your score divided by 1000 (or equivalently, 1000 Credits per million score points). If you're aiming for all achievements, you will have more than enough credits to buy everything after completing Assault Android Awesome, so don't worry.

EX Gameplay Footage[edit]

VPC4 Centrifuge by MoonsPod

First Person Camera Centrifuge by MoonsPod

Dual Coral Venom by MoonsPod and LoveBot (Duplicate Characters)