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Embryo+ is the Campaign+ version of Embryo. He also appears in Red Layer 32 of Infinity Drive, and occasionally Daily Drive.

He has more health than Embryo and his phases are much more brutal. He is also darker in color, like all Campaign+ bosses.

Prior to the Campaign+ update (PC/Switch), he was unofficially named "Dark Embryo", and only appeared in Infinity Drive and Daily Drive. He was the only Campaign+ boss that existed in the game prior to the Campaign+ update.




Embryo+ is similar to Embryo, but the difficulty of all of his phases are heavily scaled up in difficulty. He has twice as much health, his patterns are denser and faster, his rockets are far more numerous with stronger tracking, and he moves more quickly.

The boss consists of 6 separate phases of 1200 HP each. Defeating a phase will cause him to lift off the ground and relocate for the next phase. He can't be damaged while relocating unless hit with a Shutdown, which will cause him to briefly fall to the ground.

Like Embryo, if you stand in his face, he will jump into the air and slam down with a melee attack, like a Buster Titan. This attack is an instant knockdown if it connects. This attack can be Weapon Swapped through on reaction if you stray too close, but try to never trigger it in the first place.

Phase Health Base Score value Maximum quick kill bonus Base score with maximum quick kill bonus
Any 1200 25000 1.5x 37500

TODO: Ideal total score for 1x chain

Ideal total score if you come into the fight with 10x multiplier on ID/DD:

Phase Ideal total score Notes
All (25000*10*1.5 + 10,000)*6 = 2310000 all six phases 10x multiplier + maximum quick kill bonus plus battery
Total 2310000 Subtract 10,000 if he is on the final layer of the drive


Phase 1: slow chase[edit]

The easiest phase. Embryo will chase you slowly and fire forwards from both of his arms.

Simply stay in his face. As long as you stay far away enough to not be melee'd, and close enough to not be hit by the bullets, you will be fine.

He drops a Powerup after this phase.

Phase 2: easy static radial bullet hell[edit]

Embryo will move to the centre of the map and produce a bullet hell pattern.

The spacing is tight, but not too difficult to avoid. Try to maintain medium distance to have enough time to react. Use weapon switches to dodge if you are going to get clipped.

Phase 3: heavy rocket salvos[edit]

Embryo will move away from the centre and call in lots of aerial Rockets.

This phase is effortless if you simply slowly circle him, the Rockets can't track you in a circle.

He drops a Powerup after this phase.

Phase 4: fast chase[edit]

Faster version of Phase 1. Embryo will chase you quickly and aggressively. He will also backpedal, at which point you should chase him.

It's possible to keep up without Accelerate, though it can help.

Make sure to only make use of static weapons like Propeller Mines or Plasma Shield while he is on the offensive, or they will barely hit him.

This phase is easy for Aubergine since you can freeze him in place with a Singularity if he outpaces you.

Phase 5: difficult static radial bullet hell[edit]

More difficult version of Phase 2 and the most difficult phase. The first few patterns can be avoided fairly easily, but he starts to produce extremely fast and tight rings with gaps in them, forcing you to back up to a distance in order to anticipate the gaps and move through them. Therefore, get in your close-ranged damage as soon as you can, then back up to anticipate the rings.

On PC/Switch, the speed of the rings is nerfed, but is still difficult to deal with.

Consider saving your powerup from Phase 3 for this phase.

He drops a Powerup after this phase.

Phase 6: dynamic bullet hell + heavy rocket salvos[edit]

A fairly difficult phase. In addition to the Rocket salvos from Phase 3, he also produces a rotating circular bullet pattern like regular Embryo's Phase 6, and slowly backpedals.

The best way to deal with this is to stick close to him and move clockwise in sync with the pattern in order to not be hit. The rotation is just quick enough to get out of the way of the rockets.

This phase is very difficult with Aubergine, since hitting him with Singularity stops him in place and defeats the aforementioned strategy. Without Singularity you likely won't deal the necessary DPS to hold chain. You will have to be much quicker on your feet to simultaneously avoid the rockets and his bullet pattern if you want to make any use of Singularity - Accelerate is practically a necessity.

Recommended androids[edit]

The main problem is Phase 5 which forces you to keep your distance from him for the later half. This makes Coral and Peanut poor choices.

Starch works fairly well, since her Laser deals at least some damage from far away, and the micro missiles have good range.

Multiplayer strategy[edit]

Embryo+ is significantly more difficult in multiplayer, since he can rapidly shift focus between players. This can cause him to spray practically un-dodgeable projectiles across the map, and make some of his patterns harder to read.

If possible, one player should stick very closely to him to maintain focus, while the other(s) bombard him from a distance and only move in for a Shutdown. The focus player should be the weakest character at long range, ie. Coral, Starch, Lemon etc.

Voice lines[edit]


Using Offline Daily Drive to practice the fight[edit]

Note: Since the Campaign+ update, this is outdated and no longer useful info for PC/Switch players, since they can fight him directly in Campaign+.

Since you can spoof your computer's date, it's plausible to use Offline Daily Drive to fight Embryo+ without slogging through 32 layers of Infinity Drive first. All you need is a date which generates a run containing him. One such date is 3 February 2017, where he appears on Layer 7.

Although changing your system clock is the easiest way to spoof your date, it is not recommended as many programs and services rely on your system date being correct to function properly. You can bypass those issues by using a program that spoofs the system clock for a specific program, such as Time Stopper or RunAsDate (x64 version is meant only for 64bit programs so it will not work with the game)

It would be even better if an Offline Daily Drive was found where he appears even earlier. This sheet tracks days which have already been searched for. If you plan to do some searching, avoid the already-marked dates, and mark any dates that you have already tried.