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Upon completing a level, you will be awarded a score value, which determines your ranking on the Leaderboards.

Score is determined by completion speed, keeping up the combo multiplier to receive more points per kill, collecting the Battery, and killing mobs quickly together (surge).

Combo chain and combo multiplier[edit]

Killing at least 3 enemies within 2.5 seconds of one another will begin a combo chain, which gives you a combo multiplier. Your current chain length, multiplier and timer is displayed in the top left, below your health.

Killing another enemy within 2.5 seconds will extend the chain. Consistently doing this is called "holding combo" or "holding chain". Boss phases typically have longer chain timers of many seconds, but for some phases of some bosses, you must also kill secondary targets to maintain the chain for that phase (eg. Vespula, Justice, Venom)

If you fail to kill anything within 2.5 seconds of the last kill, the chain will be broken and you will be returned to a chain length of 0 and a combo multiplier of 1. This is called "dropping combo" or "dropping chain".

In multiplayer, each Android has their own individual chain, displayed in the same corner as their health.

Chain length Combo multiplier
<3 1
3 2
4 3
5 4
6 5
7 6
8 7
9 8
10 9
>10 10

Surge bonus[edit]

Killing two or more enemies within 0.35 seconds, or at the exact same time via AoE attacks, gives a 50% bonus to points awarded for both kills. This is indicated by the combo indicator in the top right flashing red, and the combo multiplier briefly increasing by 50%. If the combo multiplier is odd, it will still increase by 50%, but to a non-integer value, eg. 5x -> 7.5x.

Note that the surge bonus is awarded to both kills, always. If you kill Enemy 1, you will be awarded its normal score value (times combo multiplier), but if you kill Enemy 2 very shortly after, you will be retrospectively awarded the surge bonus on Enemy 1.

Surge is the main mechanic which makes androids like Coral and Shiitake high scorers.

See Surge Techniques for how to get lots of surges.

Collecting the Battery[edit]

Each Battery is worth 1000 base points. Collecting it nets you 1000 points multiplied by your current Combo multiplier.

Collecting the Battery while performing a surge kill does not affect battery points.

Base score values for mobs and bosses[edit]

When you kill an enemy or finish a boss phase, you receive points equal to that enemy/phase's base score multiplied by your current combo multiplier.

Enemy Base score value
Keg 90
Hunter Keg 100
Mega Keg 1000
Bomber Titan 1200
Blaster Titan 1100
Buster Titan 2000
Drone 60
Turbo Drone 100
Bullet Turret 900
Laser Turret 1200
Maser Turret 1800
Mine 20
Super Mine 700
Wasp[1] 30
Rocket Fido 120
Fetcher Fido 500
Jumbo Fido 900
Orbital Factory 1200
Vector Factory 1200
Tendril Factory 600
Wasp Tank 90
Mine Tank 120
Reaper Spectre 900
Banshee Spectre 1050
Justice head 2000
Box Geo 300
Dasher Geo 450
Cross shooter Geo 750
Beam Geo 1200
Super Box Geo 2000

Base score values for each boss phase:

Boss Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Phase 6 Phase 7 Phase 8
Embryo 12500 12500 12500 12500 12500 12500
Vespula 12500 12500 12500 18750 12500 18750
Justice 160000 160000 160000
Venom 24000 6500x4 30000 24000x2 6500x8 30000 30000 22500
Medulla 90000 90000 90000 90000 90000 90000 100000 *
Dark Embryo 25000 25000 25000 25000 25000 25000

Time bonus[edit]

Each level has a developer-set "par time". Beating the level quicker than said time nets a score bonus. The rate is 1.6 points per millisecond under par (or equivalently, 1600 points per second under par)

If you beat the level in par time or slower, there is 0 time bonus awarded, not negative.

The below table applies to the PC, Xbox and Switch versions only. The PS4 version is older, and has a universal time bonus of 1600.

Index Name Par time Time bonus (per second)
1-1 Descent 2:00 (120s) 2000
1-2 Turbine 2:30 (150s) 2000
1-3 Filament 2:00 (120s) 2000
1-4 Capacitor 2:00 (120s) 2000
1-5 Embryo 2:00 (120s) 2000
2-1 Hive 2:30 (150s) 2250
2-2 Influx 2:30 (150s) 2250
2-3 Oxygen 2:30 (150s) 2250
2-4 Process 2:30 (150s) 2250
2-5 Vespula 2:30 (150s) 2250
3-1 Checkpoint 2:45 (165s) 2500
3-2 Transit 3:30 (210s) 2500
3-3 Heat 2:40 (160s) 2500
3-4 Revolution 3:45 (225s) 2500
3-5 Justice 2:30 (150s) 2500
4-1 Assembly 3:30 (210s) 2750
4-2 Relay 3:50 (230s) 2750
4-3 Focus 3:15 (195s) 2750
4-4 Repeater 3:30 (210s) 2750
4-5 Venom 3:15 (195s) 2750
5-1 Centrifuge 3:45 (225s) 3000
5-2 Control 4:00 (240s) 3000
5-3 Convection 4:00 (240s) 3000
5-4 Collider 4:35 (275s) 3000
5-5 Medulla 5:00 (300s) 3000
N/A Daily Drive 10:00 (600s) 2000
N/A Boss Rush 12:00 (720s) 2000
N/A Infinity Drive No par time No time bonus

Quick kills on boss phases[edit]

In addition to the combo multiplier, there is an additional multiplier you can earn by ending some boss phases quickly.

Each boss phase has a par time, and ending the phase faster than that gives you an additional multiplier on the phase's base score. The quicker you are, the more extra multiplier you get.

This stacks multiplicatively with your Combo multiplier, and caps at a certain value, usually 1.5x.

Boss name Maximum time multiplier
Embryo 1.5x
Vespula 1.5x, but extremely difficult to obtain on wasp phases.
Justice 1.5x
Venom No bonus on any phases.
Medulla 1.5x
Dark Embryo 1.5x

Getting knocked down[edit]

When you get knocked down, your current score decreases by 10%. This is the only time that your score actually decreases.

In Daily Drive and Infinity Drive only, the knockdown penalty is capped at 100,000 points.

Score during Collider[edit]

After Liquorice appears in Collider, enemies don't count for score, but they still extend your Combo chain and timer. Surges are also disabled.

Knocking down Liquorice increases the Combo chain timer to 10 seconds, and you receive a score bonus when she runs out of Battery, which is affected by your combo multiplier. You also appear to receive a larger score bonus if she doesn't get a single battery.

Therefore, your goals during this phase are:

  • Don't drop the chain, in order to receive the maximum score bonus for defeating Liquorice.
  • Don't give Liquorice any batteries, or you will receive a significantly lower time bonus and completion bonus.


The amount of Credits you're awarded per level is your score divided by 5715.

Credits are used to unlock EX Options, artwork in the Art Gallery, and Codex entries, all of which can be found in the Collections section of the main menu.

The most time-efficient credits farming method is to run Boss Rush, granting as many as 4200ish credits in as fast as 5-6 minutes.


  1. Wasps are worth only 1 point during Vespula's 1st, 3rd and 5th phase, and 0 points during her final phase.