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Icon Index Name Setting Notes
CapacitorIcon.png 1-4 Capacitor Engine Eletrical [sic] Injector

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Developer Commentary (paraphrased)[edit]

T: So, this is Capacitor. I like this level because it's trying to tell a story - a story about a giant capacitor that's charging up. It's... deep.

S: It is very deep. I, for one, was moved. It's also one of the first levels that demonstrates a drastic, drastic change of the play space, and can make people really angry. Also make them really happy when they deal with it. But first, people are generally angry when the game does something difficult.

T: (laughs) People don't like change.

S: People do not like change. People like to be angry, though. I, for one, like to be angry at games.

S: By now, you should have tried out some of the characters as well? I usually have tried out a couple of different characters by this point in the game, so hopefully people are checking them out and finding their favourite. I really didn't want people to roll into the first boss before they found something really comfortable, so that was a big priority of mine.

T: I think this is the first level where I really try to drop a lot of bombs on your head.

S: Yeah, there used to be more. Not anymore - you can all thank me for that, players!

J: (chuckles)

S: I vetoed the bombs. I always veto the bombs.

T: That's how we lost the entire-bomb level.

S: Y'know, it works. And yes, that entire-bomb level, that's never coming back.

T: Booo.

S: So you're all safe.

T: A bit like Descent, I like how this level ends with a big "moment".

S: It's one of the few instances where we got to toy with the graphics as well, right? You do that sweet long-shadow lighting which we don't see anywhere else because we use the shadows for gameplay purposes, but yeah, it's an interesting shift up and hopefully gives a taste of what's to come.