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"The main game mode, fight your way across the decks of the Genki Star, defeat the massive Section Lords, discover new Androids, uncover the story and liberate the ship!

To reach the silent Nexus Core, you will have to traverse five decks of the Genki Star. Stages can be done out of order or skipped entirely but the Section Lord must be defeated to progress further on the ship."[1]

Campaign is the main game mode. Players must advance through a series of levels and overcome that zone's Section Lord to progress to the next. The game is beaten when Medulla, the boss of Zone 5, is defeated.

You don't have to do any of the non-boss levels if you don't want to, you can skip them entirely and walk straight to the boss for each zone if you want.

Once the game is beaten, there is still plenty to do. You can:

  • Complete any levels you skipped
  • Try to get a S+ Rank in every level (with every Android as well if you're truly dedicated)
  • Compete on the leaderboards for the top Score on your favourite levels (or maybe just try to beat all your friends)
  • Complete the brutally-difficult Campaign+ levels (PC and Switch version only)
  • Try the other game modes, Infinity Drive, Daily Drive and Boss Rush. Completing Infinity Drive is a monstrous but possible undertaking.
  • Hunt for all Achievements
  • Try out the EX Options and check out the Art Gallery/Codex
  • If score running isn't your thing, try your hand at speedrunning the game
  • help write this wiki ;)

Currently only the boss levels have fleshed-out articles, ie. Embryo, Vespula, Justice, Venom, Collider and Medulla. The rest are stubs, but if you feel like adding something to them (wave composition, android recommendations, tips and tricks...), please do.

Zone 1 - Cargo Hold[edit]

Stage selection screen for Zone 1 (all Purple S+ Ranks)
Icon Index Name Setting Par time Time bonus (per second) Notes
Descent.png 1-1 Descent Heavy Freight Elevator 2:00 (120s) 2000
Turbine.png 1-2 Turbine Coil Ventilation Shaft 2:30 (150s) 2000
Filament.png 1-3 Filament Lower Maintenance Platform 2:00 (120s) 2000
CapacitorIcon.png 1-4 Capacitor Engine Eletrical [sic] Injector 2:00 (120s) 2000
Embryo.png 1-5 Embryo Production Overlord 2:00 (120s) 2000 Boss of Zone 1.

Zone 2 - Hydroponics Bay[edit]

Stage selection screen for Zone 2 (all Purple S+ Ranks)
Icon Index Name Setting Par time Time bonus (per second) Notes
Hive.png 2-1 Hive Swarm Storage Facility 2:30 (150s) 2250
Influx.png 2-2 Influx Variable Configuration Room 2:30 (150s) 2250
Oxygen.png 2-3 Oxygen Atmospheric Generator 2:30 (150s) 2250
Process.png 2-4 Process Sample Transport System 2:30 (150s) 2250
Vespula.png 2-5 Vespula Hydroponics Controller 2:30 (150s) 2250 Boss of Zone 2.

Zone 3 - Security Station[edit]

Stage selection screen for Zone 3, spliced together across two screenshots (all Purple S+ Ranks)
Icon Index Name Setting Par time Time bonus (per second) Notes
Checkpoint.png 3-1 Checkpoint Access Control Corridor 2:45 (165s) 2500
Transit.png 3-2 Transit Vessel Transport Link 3:30 (210s) 2500
Heat.png 3-3 Heat Thermal Decontamination 2:40 (160s) 2500
Revolution.png 3-4 Revolution Threat Analysis Station 3:45 (225s) 2500
Justice.png 3-5 Justice Security Administrator 2:30 (150s) 2500 Boss of Zone 3.

Zone 4 - Exterior Access[edit]

Stage selection screen for Zone 4 (all Purple S+ Ranks)
Icon Index Name Setting Par time Time bonus (per second) Notes
4-1Assembly.png 4-1 Assembly Platform Alignment 3:30 (210s) 2750
4-2Relay.png 4-2 Relay External Access Walk 3:50 (230s) 2750
4-3Focus.png 4-3 Focus Transmissions Relay Point 3:15 (195s) 2750
4-4Repeater.png 4-4 Repeater Reconfigurable Surface 3:30 (210s) 2750
4-5Venom.png 4-5 Venom Superstructure Engineer 3:15 (195s) 2750 Boss of Zone 4.

Zone 5 - Nerve Centre[edit]

Stage selection screen for Zone 5 (all Purple S+ Ranks)
Icon Index Name Setting Par time Time bonus (per second) Notes
5-1Centrifuge.png 5-1 Centrifuge Dormitory Service Router 3:45 (225s) 3000
5-2Control.png 5-2 Control Direct Systems Access 4:00 (240s) 3000
5-3Convection.png 5-3 Convection Combustable [sic] Destruction 4:00 (240s) 3000
5-4Collider.png 5-4 Collider Heavy Data Processing 4:35 (275s) 3000 Includes the Liquorice boss fight. Cannot be skipped.
5-5Medulla.png 5-5 Medulla Neural Nexus 5:00 (300s) 3000 Boss of Zone 5 and the final boss of the game.


These are just the achievements relevant to the Campaign levels, for a full list see Achievements.

Icon Name Requirement Tips/strategy
Assault Android Awesome.jpg Assault Android Awesome Earn an S+ ranking on all Campaign Levels The hardest achievement, there's no easy way around it. You just have to learn to hold onto the chain and not die.

While any android will work, Starch or Holly are the easiest for most regular levels, while Cactus is a good choice for bosses. Shiitake is probably the most challenging for regular levels, and Aubergine is probably the most challenging for bosses.

For Collider, try repeatedly bombing Liquorice with Starch's micro missiles while hiding behind a pillar, or use Helo to repeatedly knock her down.

Completing this achievement will award you an in-game congratulatory splash screen, and a special alternate skin for Peanut.

Garden Pruning.jpg Garden Pruning Defeat Hydroponics Controller Vespula Self-explanatory. Cactus is not a bad choice for the job. See the Vespula page for more information.
Maximum Overdrive.jpg Maximum Overdrive Collect every Battery dropped in the Collider level This one can be a real pain, and will likely require a good few tries. If you're a skilled Aubergine player, keeping her knocked down with Helo will be a pretty easy way to do it. KB&M Shiitake players will also knock her down pretty easily by just clicking on her. While she's knocked down, try to spawn and grab the battery by killing mobs. Get a good feel for how many mobs apart the battery spawns are, and try to anticipate its spawn by killing mobs nearby you when you think a spawn is imminent.
No Hold Will Hold Me.jpg No Hold Will Hold Me Defeat Production Overlord Embryo Self-explanatory. Cactus is not a bad choice for the job. See the Embryo page for more information.
Nothing But Net.jpg Nothing But Net Drop a cannonball down the hole in Filament A cute one. Use Holly in Filament, stand in the far left corner, and fire a cannonball to the right (and slightly downwards). Follow it and it should lose momentum over the hole and drop in with a satisfying thunk. Bouncing it off a Titan might also work (untested).
Perfection.jpg Perfection Earn an S+ Rank on any level To earn an S+ you need to complete an entire level without dropping Combo at any time.

For an easy S+, play Descent with Holly, use your primary weapon and perhaps the occasional cannonball, and don't die. Hit the Titan with a cannonball when he bursts out of the box at the end.

Poor Atmosphere.jpg Poor Atmosphere Defeat Superstructure Engineer Venom Self-explanatory. Cactus is not a bad choice for the job. See the Venom page for more information.
Prison Break.jpg Prison Break Destroy every laser fence In Justice's first phase Self-explanatory. Use Starch since both of her weapons are good for picking off the laser fences. Kill them until you get the achievement.
Scrambled Eggs.jpg Scrambled Eggs Defeat one of Embryo's phases before he can relocate Use Cactus or Liquorice. Coral is also possible with precise timing or in the later phases. Any other android will be very difficult if not impossible. Save a powerup from one of his phases. Get a phase down to barely any health, wait for the powerup to turn blue, finish off the phase, collect the powerup, switch weapons, then unload your secondary as soon as the shutdown touches him. Finish him off with your primary if necessary.
Security Breach.jpg Security Breach Defeat Security Administrator Justice Self-explanatory. Cactus is not a bad choice for the job. See the Justice page for more information.
Stop Shooting Yourself.jpg Stop Shooting Yourself Lead the laser turret to defeat Medulla This one is difficult. Cactus, Coral and Starch are good picks. Play normally until the pre-Aethersphere phase, get her health down to a tiny sliver, then run around killing her "limbs" until the laser turret appears. Try and grab Accelerate while you're at it. When it does, put Medulla between you and it and it should hopefully finish her off. This might require a few tries, since you might run out of Battery before the turret appears. See the Medulla page for more information.
To Cross The Void.jpg To Cross The Void Rescue the Genki Star In other words, defeat Medulla. Cactus is not a bad choice for the job. See the Medulla page for more information.
Untouchable.jpg Untouchable Finish any level without taking damage The easiest way to unlock this is to beat Descent using your favourite Android. Just restart if you take damage at any point.
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