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Geos are unique enemies only encountered in Medulla's final phase, the Aethersphere. They have a wireframe-like appearance.

Variant HP Base score value
Box 12 300
Super Box 85 2000
Chaser 10 450
Cross shooter ~25 750
Beam ~25 1200

Box Geo[edit]

Box Geos are similar to Mines. They will accelerate towards the player and explode when close enough. There are three significant differences:

  1. If destroyed before they can get close enough, Box Geos will not explode.
  2. Their explosion is telegraphed by a rapid shrinking animation.
  3. They deal exactly 5 damage if they hit, not enough to kill you, but beware of dashers until you regenerate.

Box Geos spawn in high numbers and tend to clump up while following the player. Area of effect weapons like rockets or mines are effective. Given that they have to build up speed and brake to change direction, they can overshoot if you dodge out of their way.

Super Box Geo[edit]

Like Box Geos, but larger, slower, more health, and have a larger explosion radius and triggering radius.

Unlike Box Geos, Super Box Geos tend to form large individual threats rather than swarms. Far too slow to rush you down, they tend to be mostly deadly when other enemies force you towards them.

Chaser Geo[edit]

Chaser Geos avoid the player's targeting laser and stay at a set distance away much like Turbo Drones. However, if they're facing your back they attempt to dash into you for two damage each time. This dash attack is pretty easily sidestepped. Keeping these at bay often involves using your targeting laser to shepherd them together so they can be dealt with at the same time.

Cross Shooter Geo[edit]

Cross Shooter Geos will move slowly towards the player while firing bullets in a cross pattern. One bullet will fire towards the player, one backwards, and one to each side. Each shot does 1 damage, as normal

Beam Geo[edit]

Beam Geos will charge and fire a blue beam at the player, which will persist for a short time and sweep towards the player similar to how Justice's very final attack tracks the player. Particularly threatening as these beams have a tendency to force you to move towards enemies or the wall where there's less room to manoeuvre.