Dodging and invincibility frames

Cactus performing a weapon swap. Note the white flash indicating invincibility[1].

There is no dedicated dodge button in Cactus. Performing a weapon swap doubles as a dodge, in that it provides roughly half a second of invincibility frames during the animation.

During a dodge you cannot take damage from any source, be it melee, bullets, lasers or explosions. This makes dodging a valuable skill to learn in high-level play.

Dodging is even more effective with Accelerate as you can dodge across a much greater distance, avoiding more sources of damage.

Liquorice is the only enemy that can perform a dodge. Buster Titans can jump to avoid most forms of damage, but are still susceptible to explosions.

Some other actions also grant invincibility, denoted by your Android flashing or glowing white:

  • After collecting a Shutdown, you are granted 4 seconds of invincibility.
  • After recovering from a knockdown, you are granted 2 seconds of invincibility.
  • Liquorice is invincible while dashing and slashing using Vorpal Blade, but not while charging it up.
  • Peanut is invincible while damaging a target with Giga Drill.